Non-alcoholic beers

These beers are not without

For a long time, going out alcohol-free was no fun. The choice was often limited to water, sugary soft drinks and...

5 bars in the cocktail metropolis

Barcelona bar tour

A search for traces between Tibidabo and the beach, Sagrada Família and la Rambla, sangria and tinto de verano. "As a small city...

Things to know about IPA

Is it all IPA or what?

Among beer drinkers, people are often loyal to their favorite beer for decades. The curious who dare to walk over the glass rim of their habitual rod...

Market survey Bar News 2023
Good mood in the gastronomy sector

Market survey 2023/24

After we were able to paint a fairly positive picture last year, this trend has unfortunately not continued. This conclusion...

Spiced Flavoured Rum
World of Rum

Spiced / Flavoured Rum

Spiced rum and flavoured rum are rum variants with additional flavorings. In most cases, the two terms refer to two different...

New brewers 2023
Maintain tradition

Twelve new brewers for Switzerland

During the last three years, you have successfully trained as a food technologist EFZ with a focus on beer and have thus mastered the brewing...

Sloe Gin
World of Gin

Sloe Gin

Now they hang ripe again at the edge of the forest and in the hedge. The small fruits of the blackthorn, which look more like oversized...

Paysages Armagnac
Focus topic


The history of Armagnac dates back to the 14th century, making it one of the oldest spirits in Europe....

Issue 2023/24

New Bar Beverage offer now available

The Bar Beverage offer is revised annually and is published each May. The reference book can be ordered free of charge in the BAR NEWS Shop....

Cocktails with southern wines
Amplified wines & cocktails

Cocktails with southern wines

Even before Manhattan and Martini, port-based flips or cobblers with sherry or Madeira were the in-drinks of the still...

Market survey Bar News 2023
Optimistic mood

Market survey 2022/23

After we were already able to paint a fairly positive picture last year following the completion of the Corona measures, this trend has...

In search of clues

Whisk(e)y in cocktails

No drink comes closer to the original composition of spirits, sugar, bitters and water than the Old Fashioned. As the "Cock-Tail"...

A look into the beer glass

Porter and stout

The days are getting shorter, but the nights are getting longer. And because temperatures are dropping at the same time, refreshment is no longer the...

Better with Bubbles

From prosecco to champagne

Sparkling wine suits not only the season, but generally the moment. Bollicines are more popular than ever, not so much because you want something to...

Counter tip

Human Resources Management

Even when I first started working in the restaurant industry, my supervisors at the time told me that in our...

A look into the beer glass

Pilsner and special beer

Emmentaler, that's the cheese with the holes. Pilsner, which is a beer first brewed by the German brewmaster Joseph Groll....

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