Ron Cihuatán 18y Folklore

A powerful and complex charmer

The distillery was opened in 2004 and has been passionately dedicated to the production of high-quality rum ever since. This...

Bruichladdich unveiled

New Luxury Redefined series

This is made from fully recyclable paper pulp, is plastic-free and is produced using 100 percent green energy. This shows that...

Micil Irish Cream Liqueur

170 years of experience

The Micil Distillery has been run within the family for over 170 years, currently by the brothers Pádraic and Jimín in...

The premium rum from Venezuela

Diplomático Rum

The diversity of Diplomático is the best expression of passion and craftsmanship. Years of experience and tradition flow into the creation of...

The Isle of Harris comes back to life

The Hearach

The construction of the distillery laid the foundations for the revival of the Isle of Harris. Since then, the distillery has...

The Mediterranean gin from Spain

Gin Mare

The distillery cultivates a long tradition of Mediterranean gin production, which is reflected in the careful selection of sun-drenched botanicals through a special...

New on the Swiss market

fritz-kola superzero

Thanks to its unique recipe, everyone can enjoy the full flavor of cola with every sip and experience the full flavor thanks to 25 mg of caffeine per...

New and mysterious

Bruichladdich Black Art 11.1

The mystical character of an almost indescribable single malt is created anew every time. Unpeated and for almost a quarter of a century...

The versatile one

Swiss Mountain Liqueur - Cold Brew Coffee

A pleasant coffee-mocha aroma with a light herbal note and a subtle vanilla and caramel aroma are recognizable. The liqueur can be enjoyed neat, on...

Sweet, fruity, with a hint of cinnamon

Red Bull Winter Edition Pear-Cinnamon

The Winter Edition combines the juicy aroma of pears with wintery spicy notes of cinnamon. The general verdict on the new product: sweet, fruity...

543 wines to discover

Wine seller 2024

The Weinseller presents 543 wines that are sold in the major retail outlets in Switzerland. These come primarily from Italy...

Extended range

Rebels 0.0% Malt Blend

The new malt blend brings fresh and innovative movement to the "water of life", according to the Scottish and Irish...

A taste experience from the Caribbean

Mount Gay Barbados Rum 23 | 01 | Bn_Qa

This Single Estate Series is made exclusively with molasses from local sugar cane. Fermented, distilled, matured and blended in Mount Gay...

Chai hot or iced

Chai syrup

The new chai syrup will be added to the Morand syrup line from fall 2023. Mix the new chai syrup with water and milk, and...


Gift ideas for the festive season

Bar scene Switzerland - innovative, creative, successful The 192-page book "Barszene Schweiz" provides insights into the innovative and successful bar scene in...

Sipsmith Sloe Gin - 29% by volume
New in Switzerland

Sipsmith Sloe Gin - 29% by volume

First, the award-winning Sipsmith London Dry Gin is distilled in copper stills. Subsequently, it rests on wild sloe berries, which in autumn...

Berne Matte Vermouth - Classico Rosso

Berne Matte Vermouth - Classico Rosso

Carefully selected Swiss red wine is refined with a harmonious blend of oranges, vermouth and rhubarb root. Each sip reveals a perfect...

Le Tribute Pink Grapefruit
Refreshing drinking experience

Le Tribute Pink Grapefruit

Natural grapefruit juice artfully combines with lemon and orange juice to conjure up balanced citrus notes. A hint of pink grapefruit distillate, known from...

Ron Carúpano Reserve 1996
No refill in 27 years

Ron Carúpano Reserve 1996

The soul of rum from Venezuela is reflected in this exclusive bottling. These are a few barrels from...

Gin Toni
Gin Toni

Lucerne Apero with Gin

Fruity and pleasantly tart taste, with a slight citrus note of GIN TONI Lucerne Dry Gin and a hint of...

The impossible equation
New: Octomore 14

The impossible equation

First released in 2008, Octomore Single Malt still defies all whiskey wisdom. Matured for five years, cask strength...

Trojka Vodka
For vodka classics and easy mixer drinks

Trojka Vodka

The first climate-neutral Swiss vodka brand, Trojka Vodka Pure Grain is made from carefully selected grain. This vodka comes from...

Hugo more and more popular

Even easier with Les Bons Sirops Morand

The popular cocktail is present on very many terraces in German-speaking Switzerland and more and more in French-speaking Switzerland....

Cosmos Barrel Aged 05

10 months in whiskey barrel

The specialty is based on a Scotch Ale - a dark and very strong type of beer from Scotland. "With different dark malts...

Beautiful taste experience

Strawberry & Rhubarb Gin

This gin, composed mainly of aromas of rhubarb, which gives the gin its sweetness and strawberries from Provence, which...

Without outer packaging

The Classic Laddie by Bruichladdichg

By eliminating the can and introducing a much lighter recycled glass, the CO2 emissions of the packaging of the single malt...

New look


The offer Coca-Cola Schweiz GmbH, Opfikon-Glattbruggcoca-cola.chOrder sample set free of charge

Nomad 10-Years

Born in Scotland, raised in Jerez!

Scotch whiskies selected by Dalmore's Master Blender Richard Paterson set off by ship after a maturation period of six...

Originally from seafaring

Red Beard Gunners Powder

The Over Proof has its origins in seafaring. When sailors were still remunerated with rum, they had to check...

For ginger lovers

Moustache Ginger Gin

Full juniper and ginger notes with hints of lemongrass charm the nose. Full-bodied and complex with a slightly oily consistency and the...

Züri Wind #hueregeil

There is a new breeze blowing

Züri Wind is suitable for enjoyment according to the motto "easy to shot & drink" as a shot, as a long drink with Sprite...


Sparkling pleasure without regret

Zero'si Rosé brings light berry aromatics in harmony with refreshing acidity. Zero'si Blanc is characterized by intense fruity aromas accompanied...

Let's twist again

An Andalusian summer hit!

Sparkling, fresh, light and not too sweet are the characteristics of this new product. Croft Twist is extremely easy to serve:...

Monin Le Fruit Jabuticaba

Now it gets fruity

Monin has conjured them in the bottle. Le Fruit Jabuticaba is aimed at all innovative and creative bartenders. With this...

Port Charlotte Islay Barley 2014

Barrel management for aroma profile

A total of eight Bruichladdich contract farms grow their barley under the harsh conditions on the island of Islay for this vision: Single Malt...

Hendrick's Flora Adora Gin

Liquid flower bouquet

Flora Adora with typical eleven dried Hendrick's botanicals tastes of juniper, coriander, angelica, also citrus, green tea notes, yarrow and orris root come...

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