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BAR NEWS 5 | 2021


More than just the precursor to gin.

Swiss Whisky
There are already over 50 Swiss whisky brands and more are being added all the time....

Hot Drinks
A cup full of Christmas.


A look into the beer glass

Saison - The beer style from Belgium

Strictly speaking, the Saison beer style comes from Wallonia, the French part of Belgium. Belgium, known for frites and chocolate, is not least interesting for beer lovers. But even if...

Spirits, Craft, Terroir

Fascination Japan

Kneeling on the cushion, the guests wait their turn. The woman who leads through the Japanese tea ceremony has invited us into the room and then handed out...

New edition Bar Mixbooklet 2022

122 attractive drink recipes in Bar Mixbooklet 2022

The new edition of the handy Bar Mixbooklet provides a lot of basic knowledge on how to mix drinks with and without alcohol, for example, and what to look out for in order to prepare good cocktails....

More than just the precursor of gin


Jenever, Genièvre or also Genever (used hereafter as a substitute) is historically older than the gin that is so popular today and belongs to the spirits with juniper according to the European spirits regulation. Genever...


Most prestigious award

Since 2003, the trade magazine BAR NEWS has been presenting the most important awards of the Swiss bar scene: the SWISS BAR AWARDS. Talented Barkeeper and trendy bars are awarded in seven categories.

Further information:


Barkeeper, Soho Switzerland, St. Gallen

10 Questions for Marko Tordinac

In 2013, he attended the Bartender School in Split and shortly afterwards mixed his first cocktails behind the bars of various bars in Croatia. In 2016, he ventured into the...

Bartender International

Ivy Mix, Leyenda, New York

Ivy was born in 1985 and grew up in Vermont. She studied at Bennington College and has a bachelor's degree in philosophy and fine arts. She was nineteen years old when...

Manager Seven Lugano / The Lounge

10 Questions for Valeria Liss

At the age of 16, she decided to take a course at Barkeeper- which she was not able to do for the time being due to her age. She made up for it later and then gained professional experience at home and abroad.

25 years Bellevue Bar, Berne

Franco Federico

April 1996, a sunny spring day. The terrace is open and so the wonderful Alpine panorama with the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau is the backdrop to Franco Federico's first day at work in the...



Trade fair cancelled

Igeho 2021 will not take place

The major relaxation measures announced by the Federal Council on 23 June came too late for the hospitality industry, which wanted to present itself widely at Messe Basel in November. "We would have liked to have...

Bars and restaurants


Head of the DistiSuisse Award Jury

Interview with Sonia Petignat-Keller

What do you think distinguishes DistiSuisse in particular?Sonia Petignat-Keller: Continuity, objectivity, quality and this year an even more refined tasting principle. For me, DistiSuisse represents a successful interplay of great,...

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