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BAR NEWS 3 | 2021


10th Swiss Nullpromille Trophy / 1st SWISS COCKTAIL OPEN

Terroir Lac Léman, spirits & wines of the Lake Geneva region.

World of Whisky
Scotland's Whisky Islands.


Single malts from Islay, Skye and Co.

Scotland's Whisky Islands

Orkney, Skye, Mull, Jura or Arran are well-known destinations for lovers of these island malts. And new destinations are being added. Let's take a voyage of discovery to the whiskies of the Scottish islands... Scotland is...

Terroir Lac Léman

The stronghold of the Chasselas

Vaud is probably the most beautiful wine region Switzerland has. The interplay between Lake Geneva, the Alps, steep vineyards and, above all, a vastness that is unusual for Switzerland and which, depending on the...


Cheap labour or expensive professionals?

At the moment, I am increasingly being asked by other managers if I know and can recommend someone who is looking for a job in gastronomy. Often I even know a...

Classic Cocktails


The canchánchara has been in the shadows for a long time. Hardly anything fits better on a warm summer night than a refreshingly fruity cocktail like a canchánchara. Here in this issue, I try to...

Cocktails with less alcohol


Non-alcoholic cocktails belong on every modern cocktail menu. But it can also make sense to offer customers a selection of cocktails with a reduced alcohol content. Not only because who...


Most prestigious award

Since 2003, the trade magazine BAR NEWS has been presenting the most important awards of the Swiss bar scene: the SWISS BAR AWARDS. Talented Barkeeper and trendy bars are awarded in seven categories.

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Bartender International

Evgeniy Shashin, Korobok Bar, Moscow

Evgeniy was born in Moscow and studied IT at university. After graduating and then working in IT at a tax office, he realised that his work did not suit him....

Bar Manager, Verre à Monique, Genève

10 Questions for Arthur Brophy

While working in service and system catering, he doesn't think that he would ever want to gain a foothold in the bar world. It wasn't until he returned to Geneva and worked at the Verre à...

Chef de Bar, Rossini, Baden

10 Questions for Michael de Silva

With his degree in the bag, he attended the bar school in Munich in 2006, after which he moved to Gut Gelaunt in Bern for a year. Formative in both senses...

Bartender International

Fabio La Pietra, SubAstor Bar, São Paulo

Fabio was born in 1989 in San Severo in the Puglia region of Italy. His journey into the world of bartending began when he followed in his older brother's footsteps....

Licorería Limantour, Mexico City

Jose Luis Leon

Jose Luis was born in Mexico City in 1988. He comes from a middle to lower class family that had to get by on a minimal income. He spent his entire childhood in Nezahualcoyotl,...



Trade fair cancelled

Igeho 2021 will not take place

The major relaxation measures announced by the Federal Council on 23 June came too late for the hospitality industry, which wanted to present itself widely at Messe Basel in November. "We would have liked to have...

Bar course in Zurich

Spring course of the BAR NEWS Academy

Anyone who wants to learn the craft of bartending needs more than a recipe book and two or three YouTube tutorials. Because only those who stand behind the bar themselves and prepare the spirits, liqueurs, syrups...

Bars and restaurants


Top Awards 2021

Säntis Malt Whisky

The highest World's Best award went to The Gull - Cold Brew & Whisky Liqueur in the Coffee Liqueur category and the Säntis Malt Apricot Malt Liqueur (Whisky Liqueur category). Säntis...

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