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Since 2003, the trade magazine BAR NEWS has been presenting the most important awards of the Swiss bar scene: the SWISS BAR AWARDS. Talented Barkeeper and trendy bars are awarded in seven categories.

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BAR NEWS Magazine

BAR NEWS 2 | 2022

Drink Pink


Rulebook Rum
Rum knows no rules? Not at all!

Zurich region
Where the zeitgeist burns...



Züri brännt...

Like a magnet, Switzerland's largest city attracts thousands and thousands of workers and students every day. In the evenings and at weekends, it's the night owls who come from near and...


Gastronomy and the social media

Today, statistically speaking, about 82 percent of the Swiss population is on social media. A curse or a blessing? This has been debated for a long time. But no matter how you...

Aromatic from the Dash Bottle

Cocktail Bitters

Angostura. Three decades ago, this word would probably have sufficed as an answer to the question: "What actually is a cocktail bitter?" With its oversized paper dress, this mysterious ingredient belongs in still almost...

The Fourth Age of the Fée Verte


It was undoubtedly Switzerland's greatest gift to international cocktail culture: absinthe. First appearing in the Val-de-Travers of Neuchâtel in the 18th century, the green fairy transcended in its youth...

Coffee in cocktails

Interview with Milo Kamil, Head of Coffee Lab Zurich

If you consult the recipe for drinks such as the Espresso Martini, for example, you will find the ingredient "espresso" listed as one of the ingredients. But let's look at it from a different angle...


Bartender International

Julia Momose, Kumiko Bar, Chicago

Julia was born and raised in Japan. She came into contact with the hospitality industry in her youth and worked part-time in a bagel shop and a restaurant that...

Head Bartender, 4 Animals Bar, Zurich

10 Questions for Andrea Linzner

At the age of 18, the Allgäu-born and trained hotel manager crossed the German-Austrian border and later gained professional experience in Portugal, Switzerland and Norway, among other places. Finally, she was drawn to...


Whisky legend Claudio Bernasconi

Ruedi Zotter: How did you get into the whisky world? Claudio Bernasconi: I was a hotelier all my life and already at the age of 20 I became general manager in a business with 40 employees....

Bartender International

Armin Azadpour, Hunky Dory, Frankfurt

Armin was born in Germany, but his parents are from Iran. It took him a while to discover his second passion after fashion: bartending. After his...

Deputy Bar Manager Tabaco Lounge, Schaffhausen

10 Questions for Ted Haupt

After school, Ted starts an apprenticeship twice - and drops out twice. The repetitive nature of a 9-to-5 job doesn't really suit Ted's go-getting nature. When he finds a job on the internet...



Sablier Rooftop wins Master 2021

18th Best of Swiss Gastro

The BOSG jury of experts nominated a total of 102 innovative Swiss restaurants with a convincing concept. Over a period of two months, these restaurants, bars, cafés and take-aways were put to the test...

Bars and restaurants


Guardian of the culture

Grape & Grain AG

They share the fascination of craft and culture with long-standing producers. They are mainly family businesses that have been cultivating their craft and land with passion and creativity for generations. Because...

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