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Most prestigious award

Since 2003, the trade magazine BAR NEWS has been presenting the most important awards of the Swiss bar scene: the SWISS BAR AWARDS. Talented Barkeeper and trendy bars are awarded in seven categories.

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Serbian rakija awakens tradition


BAR NEWS Magazine

BAR NEWS 5 | 2022

Great anniversary

Excellent Award Night,
Portrait of all winners

Syrups and sweeteners
Syrup for adults

Nullpromille Trophy
Tender 2023


Better with Bubbles

From prosecco to champagne

Sparkling wine fits not only the season, but generally the moment. Bollicines are more popular than ever, not so much because you have something to celebrate, but because in this difficult time...

Drinks & Knowledge compact

122 attractive drink recipes in Bar Mixbooklet 2023

The new edition of the handy Bar Mixbooklet provides a lot of basic knowledge on how to mix drinks with and without alcohol, for example, and what to look out for in order to prepare good cocktails....

A look into the beer glass

Pilsner and special beer

Emmental, that's the cheese with the holes. Pilsner, that's a beer first brewed by German brewmaster Joseph Groll in the Bohemian city of Plzeň (German: Pilsen). However...

Local craft

Swiss barrels

Tuesday morning in Küssnacht am Rigi. The sun is shining and so you can see the cloud of dust particularly well, which is gradually spreading throughout the workshop from the loud band saw. Here at the...


Bartender International

Lennart Deddens, Stockroom, Groningen

After working my way up as a kitchen help and then a waiter, I finally became Barkeeper. Then it was time to move to the "big city" - Groningen - which...

Bartender, South Bar, St. Gallen

10 questions for Laraina Bösch

Later she realized that she was missing something. So she announced out into the void, heard from a colleague of the bar course on Kos and participated there for four weeks. After that...

Fir brandy

Bligg and the firs

Hardly any other artist has shaped and influenced domestic creativity and the Swiss music market in the last 15 years as much as the Zurich dialect artist. His record is remarkable: several No. 1 albums...

Bartender International

Marc Bonneton - L'Antiquaire Lyon

Since I grew up in a bakery, heavy physical labor was practically in my cradle. My parents opened the business a year after I was born, so I was...

Chef de Bar Raygrodski Bar

10 questions for Stelios Kalemis

In the years that follow he rides the 3rd coffee wave. After his military service, he starts working at The Clumsies in Athens, which opened in 2014. At the top address - the bar...



From 10 to 12 November

Nights Conference in Zurich

With the aim of jointly developing possible development paths for the nocturnal city of tomorrow, independent of thematic and structural boundaries. To make this as lovable and livable as possible, as well as low-conflict and...

Bars and restaurants


In search of new flavors

Pleasure Tourism Switzerland

Anyone who wants to get involved with the topic of enjoyment in Switzerland has numerous options in a very small area. Many breweries and distilleries are happy to welcome their guests personally. BAR NEWS presents...

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