Award categories

The SWISS BAR AWARDS are awarded annually in seven categories. Barkeeper (m/f) and bars can apply for the SWISS BAR AWARDS or submit a recommendation until May each year.

Barkeeper of the year (m/f)

It is considered the supreme discipline of the SWISS BAR AWARDS. Barkeeper (m/f) who are at least 24 years old and work full-time in the bar business in Switzerland can apply in this category.

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Best Barkeeper Talent (m/f)

The best young talent, aged between 19 and 23, is being sought. The award for the greatest young talent working full or part-time in the Swiss bar scene.

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Best Bar Team

Bar team consisting of at least three people. Team that is popular with guests, staff and bar professionals thanks to exemplary personnel management.

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Best Newcomer Bar

New or reopened at the beginning of last year. Locations that have recently been reopened or extensively renovated.

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Best Longseller Bar

A place to be for over 10 years. Locations / bars with strong charisma that have been anchored in the Swiss bar scene for over a decade.

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Best Bar Menu

Attractive bar menu with good design and contemporary offerings. Creative and entertaining bar menu that you don't want to put down even after ordering.

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Best Hotel Bar

Bar and at the same time the flagship of a hotel. Hotel bar that convinces locals and guests with service, quality, location and hospitality.

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