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Book Bar scene Switzerland - innovative, creative, successful.

The 192-page book "Barszene Schweiz" provides insights into the innovative and successful Swiss bar scene. In his book, Ruedi Zotter portrays more than 25 personalities who contribute significantly to the success of this scene and shows their work.

Also discover nearly 30 signature cocktails and get to know the best 101 bars in Switzerland.

Bar Beverage Offer

The supplier directory for trade and gastronomy

In the most comprehensive supplier directory in Switzerland, over 2,250 products and 800 brands are represented in the current edition. Barkeeper , restaurateurs and beverage distributors can find products, brands and their manufacturers or general importers quickly, easily and without electronic aids.

The Bar Beverage offer is published annually in April.

Bar Beverage offer - supplier directory for trade and gastronomy
Swiss Barguide - the 101 best bars in Switzerland

Swiss Barguide

The 101 best bars in Switzerland.

The best bars in Switzerland are clearly arranged by region in this handy booklet. The most important information such as opening hours, specialities etc. is listed for each bar. An indispensable companion for an audience that loves to go out.

The Swiss Barguide is revised annually and is published each September.

Bar Mixbooklet

122 attractive mix recipes.

The Bar Mixbooklet contains around 50 classic and 70 current cocktail recipes. In addition to basic knowledge about mixing drinks with and without alcohol, the booklet also provides a multitude of tips and tricks for preparing drinks. A must-have for every home bar.

The Bar Mixbooklet is published annually in November.

Bar Mixbooklet - 122 attractive mix recipes

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