The Mediterranean gin from Spain

Gin Mare

The gin from the Mediterranean region - made with botanicals that play a central role in the Mediterranean region (thyme, rosemary, basil) - comes from a former 18th century chapel built in an old fishing village near Barcelona.

The distillery has a long tradition of Mediterranean gin production, which culminates in the careful selection of sun-drenched botanicals through a special main ingredient, the Arbequina olives. The nine botanicals are macerated in different sequences: 40 days for the citrus botanicals and 12 hours for the other botanicals. They are then distilled separately and then expertly blended by the master distiller. This earns each bottle the Spanish "Collecion de Autor" label!

The strong, spicy and almost balsamic aromas unfold particularly well in popular drinks such as Gin & Tonic, Negroni or Basil Smash. They make a significant contribution to rounding off the taste with a Mediterranean flair.

Dettling & Marmot, Dietlikon
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