The Isle of Harris comes back to life

The Hearach

Initially it was just a vision, but the "Social Distillery" has now become a reality.

The construction of the distillery laid the foundations for the revival of the Isle of Harris. Since then, the distillery has been inspiring with Harris Gin and, more recently, with the first ... Read more ...

The Mediterranean gin from Spain

Gin Mare

The gin from the Mediterranean region - made with botanicals that play a central role in the Mediterranean region (thyme, rosemary, basil) - comes from a former 18th century chapel built in an old fishing village near Barcelona.

The distillery cultivates a long tradition of Mediterranean gin production, which culminates in the careful selection of sun-drenched botanicals through a special main ingredient, the Arbequina olives. The total of nine botanicals ... Read more ...

New on the Swiss market

fritz-kola superzero

The refreshing fritz-kola superzero offers an intense kola taste without compromising on calories or sugar.

Thanks to its unique recipe, everyone can enjoy the full taste of kola with every sip and experience a real energy boost thanks to 25 mg of caffeine per 100 ml. In addition, fritz-kola superzero impresses with ... Read more ...

New and mysterious

Bruichladdich Black Art 11.1

The Black Art 11.1 is already the 7th edition from the "pen" of Head Distiller Adam Hannett. All casks date from the time before the reopening of the Bruichladdich distillery.

The mystical character of an almost indescribable single malt is created anew each time. Unpeated and matured for almost a quarter of a century in the distillery's best casks, the Black ... Read more ...

The versatile one

Swiss Mountain Liqueur - Cold Brew Coffee

For National Distillers' Day on November 11, the Rugen Distillery launched a new coffee liqueur, which stands for the harmonious combination of strong coffee and the warmth of whisky.

A pleasant coffee-mocha aroma with a light herbal note and a subtle vanilla and caramel aroma are recognizable. The liqueur can be enjoyed neat, on ice or in various cocktails and thus offers ... Read more ...

Sweet, fruity, with a hint of cinnamon

Red Bull Winter Edition Pear-Cinnamon

The new Red Bull Winter Edition is now available during the cold season.

The Winter Edition combines the juicy aroma of pears with wintery spicy notes of cinnamon. The general verdict on the new product: sweet, fruity and clearly wintery with a hint of cinnamon. It tastes ... Read more ...

543 wines to discover

Wine seller 2024

Good wine doesn't have to be expensive - and thanks to Chandra Kurt's wine seller, it's easy to find. The 26th edition was published at the beginning of October.

The Weinseller presents 543 wines that are sold in the major retail outlets in Switzerland. These come primarily from Italy (173), Switzerland (152), France (100) and Spain (46). All ... Read more ...

Extended range

Rebels 0.0% Malt Blend

The young Swiss company Rebels 0.0% presents its first non-alcoholic "whiskey alternative" and shows the potential of this spirit without alcohol. spirit without alcohol.

The new Malt Blend brings fresh and innovative movement to the "water of life", the Scottish and Irish meaning of whisky. This new product combines the gentle charm of ... Read more ...

A taste experience from the Caribbean

Mount Gay Barbados Rum 23 | 01 | Bn_Qa

The 23 | 01 | Bn_Qa is the first in an annual series from Mount Gay Distillery.

This Single Estate Series is made exclusively with molasses from local sugar cane. Fermented, distilled, matured and blended in Mount Gay, this rum is a unique expression of the terroir of Barbados ... Read more ...

Chai hot or iced

Chai syrup

Louis Morand presents another new product that offers even more moments of pleasure.

The new chai syrup will be added to the Morand syrup line from fall 2023. Mix the new chai syrup with water and milk and create a delicious hot or refreshing chai syrup to your liking.

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