Canvas Bar at the Dolder Grand

Best hotel bar 2023

After the Widder Bar from Zurich picked up the award last year, this time it was the Canvas Bar & Lounge in the Dolder Grand that shone and brought the award back to Zurich. The following two establishments were still in the running for this award and on the shortlist: Hotel Einstein, St. Gallen and Hotel Hermitage, Lucerne.

At the Dolder Grand, the Canvas Bar & Lounge is the meeting point par excellence. Whether it's for guests from the neighborhood or for hotel guests. The bar is the heart of the hotel, where you can meet for an aperitif before dinner or simply enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and round off the evening in a wonderful ambience. But the Canvas Bar is also a place to be during the day, whether you want to relax or have a chat. Some guests use the quiet surroundings to work or for a meeting with clients.

"Some time ago, the bar was moved here from the basement. Because the lobby/bar is the heart of the hotel, we wanted to create a place where guests feel comfortable and where they receive perfect service from the bar team throughout the day. This year, we will be remodeling the bar again and making it a little more "lifestylish". We expect the renovation to be completed in May. These are the words of Joachim Schweier, Marketing Communications Manager at the Dolder Grand. Last year, the Dolder Grand was named GaultMillau Hotel of the Year for the second time and this means a great deal to the hotel. Joachim Schweier says: "It is an enormously important award and also shows that we are on the right track and are clearly positioning ourselves as a "food destination". The fact that we have already received the award for the second time shows that we are also implementing the right concepts.

"We are very, very proud".

Joachim Schweier

BAR NEWS, the leading trade magazine in Switzerland, named Canvas Bar the best hotel bar in Switzerland last October. What does that mean? "This award also honors and shows us that we offer exactly what our guests want, that we implement contemporary cocktails or concepts and that we have a team that is very well coordinated and can offer our guests the best possible service."

Indulgence in an artistic ambience

Guests enjoy the lively atmosphere of the hotel bar and lounge with its high ceilings, unusual art objects and elegant historical design. TheDolder Grand is home to one of the largest art collections in the private hotel industry and guests appreciate this extraordinary ambience. It was up to the bar team to decide how to translate this art into the focus of the cocktails. This is how the various drinks, such as the G-Fun, the Traveller or the Summer Cocktail, were created. "Of course, everyone would interpret a Dali differently in a glass, just as everyone sees a picture differently. But at the end of the day, it's also art and it goes together very well," says Joachim Schweier.

The bar with a groove

The live performances by various artists at the Dolder Grand have been an integral part of the Zurich music scene for years. Piano music and DJ performances also contribute to the musical entertainment program.

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