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New Bar Beverage offer now available

The current edition of the most comprehensive supplier directory for the retail and catering trade features 2,800 products and 990 brands. Barkeeper Gastronomes and beverage distributors can find products, brands and their manufacturers or general importers quickly, easily and without electronic aids.

The Bar Beverage offer is revised annually and is published each May. The reference book can be ordered free of charge in the BAR NEWS Shop. Drinks and spirits overview The Swiss drinks and spirits overview ... Read more ...

Cocktails with southern wines
Amplified wines & cocktails

Cocktails with southern wines

Sherry, port, Madeira and Marsala bring character and body to the glass, in addition to a variety of flavors. A look at cocktail recipes from bartenders at home and abroad reveals even more ways to mix with fortified wines.

Even before Manhattan and Martini, port-based flips or cobblers with sherry or Madeira were the in-drinks of the still young United States. Compared to the original cocktail, which in addition to some ... Read more ...

Market survey Bar News 2023
Optimistic mood

Market survey 2022/23

Once again this year, the Swiss trade magazine BAR NEWS asked key decision-makers in the Swiss beverage and spirits industry to take the pulse of the market.

After we were able to draw a quite positive picture last year after the completion of the Corona measures, this trend has continued. This conclusion can be drawn from the responses of the decision makers ... Read more ...

In search of clues

Whisk(e)y in cocktails

As the cocktail evolved from a local drinking culture across the pond to a global phenomenon, American Whiskey was in the right place at the right time. Is this the reason why it is still so rare to mix with Scotch or Irish whiskey?

No drink comes closer to the original composition of spirits, sugar, bitters and water than the Old Fashioned. When the "Cock-Tail" first appeared in 1806 in a newspaper in the town of Hudson ... Read more...

A look into the beer glass

Porter and stout

Porter and stout - two beer styles whose differences are very small. A look at the history of these dark beers invented in Great Britain reveals why this is so.

The days are getting shorter, but the nights are getting longer. And because temperatures are dropping at the same time, refreshment is no longer the most important requirement for a beer. If porter and stout were a ... Read more ...

Better with Bubbles

From prosecco to champagne

They foam with varying intensity, spread the most diverse aromas and awaken a feeling of the special moment with an unalterable guarantee. We are talking about sparkling wines. The oenological drink of the moment.

Sparkling wine fits not only the season, but generally the moment. Bollicines are more popular than ever, not so much because you have something to celebrate, but because in this difficult time ... Read more...

Counter tip

Human Resources Management

The catering industry has been complaining about a lack of staff since before yesterday. But the pandemic has made the search for qualified staff even more difficult. Successful personnel management, however, must be thought far beyond recruitment.

Even when I started working in the catering industry, my superiors at the time told me that you would never be without work in our industry. And indeed: even before ... Read more ...

Drinks & Knowledge compact

122 attractive drink recipes in Bar Mixbooklet 2023

The Bar Mixbooklet 2023 has been published. The new edition provides a broad basic knowledge of cocktails. It includes 122 attractive mix recipes of classic drinks as well as trendy and non-alcoholic drinks. The booklet can be ordered now free of charge in the BAR NEWS store.

The new edition of the handy Bar Mixbooklet provides a lot of basic knowledge, for example how to mix drinks with and without alcohol and what to look out for in order to prepare good cocktails... Read more...

A look into the beer glass

Pilsner and special beer

Disputes about the name of beverages are commonplace in our industry. These then either have a political, nationalistic or trademark connotation. Well, then at least you have something to discuss while drinking beer...

Emmental, that's the cheese with the holes. Pilsner, that's a beer first brewed by German brewmaster Joseph Groll in the Bohemian city of Plzeň (German: Pilsen). But ... Read more ...


The 101 best bars in Switzerland in the Swiss Barguide 2022/23

The 101 best bars in Switzerland are represented in the new edition of the Swiss Barguide 2022/23. The handy booklet provides an overview of the Swiss bar landscape and can be ordered now free of charge in the BAR NEWS Shop.

The 101 best bars in Switzerland are clearly arranged by region in the recently published Swiss Barguide 2022/23. For each bar, the most important information such as opening hours, specialties, etc. is listed. The booklet ... Read more ...

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