Edition 2024/2025

Updated "Bar Beverage Offer" brochure now available

The current edition of the most comprehensive supplier directory for the retail and food service sectors includes 2,750 products and 850 brands. The revised 2024/2025 edition can be ordered now free of charge.

Barkeeper, restaurateurs and beverage retailers can find products, brands and their manufacturers or general importers quickly, easily and without electronic aids in the Bar Beverage range 2024/2025. The Bar Beverage range is revised annually ... Read more ...

Things to know about IPA

Is it all IPA or what?

How an English beer became an icon of the U.S. craft brewer movement and why it's not called Indian Pale Ale.

Among beer drinkers, people are often loyal to their favorite beer for decades. The curious who dare to look over the glass rim of their habitual bar are usually the first to come up with a fruity-bitter IPA. Continue reading...

Market survey Bar News 2023
Good mood in the gastronomy sector

Market survey 2023/24

As in previous years, BAR NEWS took the pulse of the market this year with important leaders in the Swiss beverage and spirits industry.

After we were able to paint a fairly positive picture last year, this trend has unfortunately not continued. This conclusion can be drawn from the responses of decision-makers from various industry players ... Read more ...

Drinks & Knowledge compact

122 attractive drink recipes at Bar Mixbooklet 2024

The Bar Mixbooklet 2024 has been published. The new edition provides a broad range of basic cocktail knowledge. It includes 122 attractive mix recipes for classic drinks as well as trendy and non-alcoholic drinks. The booklet can now be ordered free of charge from the BAR NEWS store.

The new edition of the handy Bar Mixbooklet provides a lot of basic knowledge, for example how to mix drinks with and without alcohol and what to look out for in order to prepare good cocktails... Read more...

Spiced Flavoured Rum
World of Rum

Spiced / Flavoured Rum

Spiced or flavoured rums are a topic that polarizes the rum world: are flavoured rums just an unloved fad or a welcome addition to the product range? Currently, however, this category is very much in vogue, with flavoured rums and spiced rums standing high in the favor of rum buyers and at the bar.

Spiced rum and flavoured rum are rum variants with additional flavorings. In most cases, the two terms designate two different product categories. However, this is not always true. "Flavoured" can be translated as ... Read more ...

101 Best Bars Swiss Barguide 2023/2024
New edition

The 101 best bars in Switzerland in the Swiss Barguide 2023/24

The 101 best bars in Switzerland are represented in the new edition of the Swiss Barguide 2023/24. The handy booklet provides an overview of the Swiss bar landscape and can be ordered now free of charge in the BAR NEWS Shop.

Scene experts, bar professionals and experts from the beverage industry were on the road for the 11th SWISS BARGUIDE throughout Switzerland and have visited and evaluated bars again this year. The new booklet ... Read more ...

New brewers 2023
Maintain tradition

Twelve new brewers for Switzerland

Twelve apprentices recently received their brewing certificates from the Swiss Brewers Association after successfully passing their final apprenticeship exams.

Over the past three years, they have successfully trained as EFZ food technologists specializing in beer and thus learned the craft of brewing from scratch. Marcel Kreber, Director of the Swiss Brewery Association, ... Read more ...

Sloe Gin
World of Gin

Sloe Gin

Sloe gin, not deceleration gin! There are a number of myths surrounding sloe gin, which is why it is sometimes used incorrectly at the bar. An approach to a much misunderstood ingredient.

Now they hang ripe again at the edge of the forest and in the hedge. The small fruits of the hawthorn, more reminiscent of oversized blueberries than the small wild plums they ... Read more ...

Paysages Armagnac
Focus topic


Armagnac is a noble French brandy that is often overshadowed by its more famous cousin, Cognac. Nevertheless, Armagnac has a long and fascinating history, a unique production method and a variety of renowned brands.

The history of Armagnac dates back to the 14th century, making it one of the oldest spirits in Europe. The region of Armagnac, located in the southwest of France, about 120 kilometers ... Read more...

Issue 2023/24

New Bar Beverage offer now available

In the most comprehensive supplier directory for the retail and catering trade, 2,800 products and 990 brands are represented in the current edition. Barkeeper Gastronomes and beverage distributors can find products, brands and their manufacturers or general importers quickly, easily and without electronic aids.

The Bar Beverage offer is revised annually and is published each May. The reference book can be ordered free of charge in the BAR NEWS Shop. Drinks and spirits overview The Swiss drinks and spirits overview ... Read more ...

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