Record tasting of Swiss beers

Swiss Beer Award 2024

Which beer tastes best? Over 550 different beers from Swiss breweries were tasted in the Trafohalle in Baden on January 9 and 10, 2024. The best will be awarded gold, silver or bronze at the "Swiss Beer Award Night" in spring 2024.

The Swiss love beer - in all its diversity. The fact that Switzerland is a true brewing and beer paradise is demonstrated by this year's "Swiss Beer Award" - the national award for beers of various styles brewed by breweries in Switzerland or Liechtenstein. All officially registered breweries had until mid-December 2023 to submit their beers and take on the challenge of the most rigorous beer award.

Over 550 beers were tasted

Around 550 different beers were submitted - a new record. Following a laboratory analysis and a label check for compliance with food law, the beers have now been tasted and evaluated by around 80 beer experts over the last few days in the Trafohalle in Baden. Renowned beer sommeliers, beer tasters and master brewers got together in 24 teams and examined the beers extremely closely for their sensory characteristics. "The typical thing about this beer is that it tastes of banana and has a good freshness," said beer sommelier Christian Suter during one of his tastings. But the eye also plays a role in the jury's assessment. Beer sommelier Martina Trottmann explained: "It has to be beautiful. A nice head is always appetizing."

Swiss Beer Award in spring

But which beer tastes the best? Around a third of the 550 beers have the chance to be awarded the coveted Swiss Beer Award label. The best beers in their category are celebrated with gold, silver and bronze. The award ceremony will take place at the "Swiss Beer Award Night" on April 18, 2024. Marcel Kreber, Director of the Swiss Brewers Association, says: "It's actually the Oscars of the brewing scene in Switzerland. Because on April 18, the best of the Swiss brewing scene will really come to Baden and then we will jointly select the best beers."

Which beers convinced the expert jury the most will be revealed in the spring. One thing is certain: with almost 1,200 official breweries and an immense variety of beers, Switzerland is rightly known as a brewing and beer paradise.

About the Swiss Beer Award

The Swiss Beer Award is a national award for beers of various styles brewed by breweries in Switzerland or Liechtenstein.

The Swiss Beer Award aims to make the Swiss brewing landscape with its immense variety and quality of beer known to the general public. With almost 1,200 official breweries, Switzerland can rightly be described as a brewing and beer paradise. In collaboration with Labor Veritas AG and the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), as well as proven beer sommeliers and tasters, the beers are examined in the laboratory and evaluated according to strict assessment criteria.

Broad-based steering committee

The Swiss Beer Award is broadly supported. The following organisations are represented on the Steering Committee:

  • Swiss Brewers Association
  • The independent Swiss breweries
  • Swiss Brewers Association
  • Society for the Promotion of Beer Diversity
  • Organic Suisse
  • Laboratory Veritas AG
  • Zurich University of Applied Sciences

The next Swiss Beer Award will take place in 2025!

Swiss Brewers Association (SBV), Zurich

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