Things to know about IPA

Is it all IPA or what?

How an English beer became an icon of the U.S. craft brewer movement and why it's not called Indian Pale Ale.

Among beer drinkers, people are often loyal to their favorite beer for decades. The curious who dare to look over the glass rim of their habitual bar are usually the first to come up with a fruity-bitter IPA. Continue reading...

Record tasting of Swiss beers

Swiss Beer Award 2024

Which beer tastes best? Over 550 different beers from Swiss breweries were tasted in the Trafohalle in Baden on January 9 and 10, 2024. The best will be awarded gold, silver or bronze at the "Swiss Beer Award Night" in spring 2024.

The Swiss love beer – in all its diversity. This year's "Swiss Beer Award" shows that Switzerland is a real brewing and beer paradise – the ... Continue reading...

Feldschlösschen "apprentice beer" 2023

70,000 francs for the next generation of brewers

Feldschlösschen and Coop are once again waiving the proceeds of the "Apprentice Beer" project this year and donating them in full to the training fund of the Swiss Brewery Association (SBV).

Franco and Cédric, the apprentices responsible for the development and production of Feldschlösschen Kellerbier, presented Marcel Kreber, the director of SBV, with the cheque for 70,000 francs, ... Read more ...

Chopfab Boxer AG

Starting signal for the further development of the Boxer brewery in Yverdon-les-Bains

The craft brewery Chopfab Boxer AG will continue to invest in its production site in Yverdon-les-Bains over the next ten years.

At the end of August 2023, the authorities of the city of Yverdon issued the building permit for the modernization of the buildings and the upgrading of the area on Avenue des Sports. In addition to new storage tanks, ... Read more ...

New brewers 2023
Maintain tradition

Twelve new brewers for Switzerland

Twelve apprentices recently received their brewing certificates from the Swiss Brewers Association after successfully passing their final apprenticeship exams.

Over the past three years, they have successfully trained as EFZ food technologists specializing in beer and thus learned the craft of brewing from scratch. Marcel Kreber, Director of the Swiss Brewery Association, ... Read more ...

Commitment to beer diversity

24 new Swiss beer sommeliers

On June 28, 2023, 24 successful graduates of the specialist seminar "Swiss Beer Sommelier / Sommeliere® - Discovering, tasting and successfully selling beer", received their well-deserved certificates. The newly certified Swiss beer sommeliers are now ready to properly use the acquired knowledge about beer and pass it on as ambassadors.

The specialist seminar "Swiss Beer Sommelier / Sommeliere® - Discovering, tasting and successfully selling beer" was held for the 36th time by GastroSuisse in close cooperation with the Swiss Brewers Association. GastroSuisse is very pleased ... Read more ...

Tribute to the national brewing art

Swiss Beer Day

On Friday, April 28, 2023, Switzerland will celebrate its beer, thousands of years of brewing tradition, beer diversity and the official start of the 2023 beery season!

Every year, on the last Friday in April, Switzerland celebrates its beer. It may not be an official holiday, but it is a day to celebrate. The Swiss brewing industry has ... Read more ...

A look into the beer glass

Porter and stout

Porter and stout - two beer styles whose differences are very small. A look at the history of these dark beers invented in Great Britain reveals why this is so.

The days are getting shorter, but the nights are getting longer. And because temperatures are dropping at the same time, refreshment is no longer the most important requirement for a beer. If porter and stout were a ... Read more ...

A look into the beer glass

Pilsner and special beer

Disputes about the name of beverages are commonplace in our industry. These then either have a political, nationalistic or trademark connotation. Well, then at least you have something to discuss while drinking beer...

Emmental, that's the cheese with the holes. Pilsner, that's a beer first brewed by German brewmaster Joseph Groll in the Bohemian city of Plzeň (German: Pilsen). But ... Read more ...

A look into the beer glass

Gose and Geuze

On the one hand, an old German beer style that is now produced all over the world and, depending on the interpretation, also resembles a fruit smoothie. On the other hand, a beer that some call the "Champagne of Belgium". But if you take a closer look, you will find amazing similarities between the beer styles "Geuze" and "Gose".

There is a danger of confusion when ordering drinks. Especially if you are not yet familiar with the local drinking culture. A Cüpli can quickly become a "Hümpli". ... Read more ...

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