The best non-alcoholic cocktails in Switzerland 2024

Finalist drinks 13th Swiss Nullpromille Trophy

At the final of the 13th Swiss Nullpromille Trophy at soho Basel, there was a lot of shaking and stirring for the best non-alcoholic cocktail.

These are the recipes from Barkeeper, who presented their non-alcoholic cocktail creations at the final of the 13th Swiss Nullpromille Trophy on February 5, 2024.

Sleepy Martini [1st place category "Fancy Drink"]

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Tobias Schwingshackl | Clouds Bar, Zurich

4 clRebels Botanical Gin
3 clCamomile tea (homemade)
2.5 clZamba lime juice
2 clZüri Honeywater (homemade)
Orange foam

Decoration: Fresh chamomile

Innocent Paloma [2nd place category "Fancy Drink"]

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Flurin Kopp | Tipsy Tiger, Zurich

3 cl9 Meadows Bitter Grove
2 clFluere Spiced Cane
2 clZamba Grapefruit
2 clSpicy Habanero Lime Cordial
6 clThomas Henry Pink Grapefruit

Decoration: Spicy salt rim and roasted grapefruit wedge

Mrs. Bean [3rd place category "Fancy Drink"]

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Tabea Manzke | HOBO Bar, Aarau

2 clLyre's Amaretti (apricot infusion)
2 clJsotta Bitter Senza (coffee infusion)
2 clTanqueray gin 0.0%
1 clApricot syrup (Morand)
2 clZamba lime juice

Decoration: Dried apricot & coffee beans

Trendsetter [4th place category "Fancy Drink"]

4th place_Fancy-Drink_Pesce
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Andrea Pesce | Bar Principe - Hotel Villa Principe Leopoldo, Lugano

5 clAmaretto Alternative Rebels 0.0%
3 clPineapple-ginger mix (homemade)
2 clFreshly squeezed lime juice Zamba
1 clOrgeat syrup Monin

Decoration: dried lime powder from the citrus peel and pineapple residue

Cinnamona Lisa [5th place category "Fancy Drink"]

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Michael Glatthard | Atelier Classic Bar, Thun

4 clG'nuine Zero Cucumber Lemongrass
3 clFreshly squeezed lime juice Zamba
2 clCinnamon syrup Monin          
2 clHibiscus tea Tekoe
4 clPink grapefruit lemonade Le Tribute

Decoration: cinnamon, hibiscus, cucumber

Minion's Delight [6th place category "Fancy Drink"]

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Markus Köppel | 52 Magic Bar, Au

6 clRebels Rum Alternative
2 clYellow banana syrup (Monin)
1.5 clLactic gum arabic (homemade)
1 clYuzu juice
approx. 6 clIPA (alcohol-free), e.g. Schützengarten IPA

Decoration: Banana dolphin

Partner 13th Swiss Nullpromille Trophy

Pink Dragon [1st place category "Sparkling Cocktail"]

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Praveen Paul | Lakeview Bar & Cigar Lounge, Hotel Bürgenstock, Obbürgen

3 clFluid unfiltered floral blend of botanical ingredients
2 clLavender-honey-ginger syrup (homemade)
1 clFresh lemon juice Zamba
4 clDragon fruit juice
5 clRimuss Rose sparkling wine

Decoration: Dried dragon fruit slice

Scarlet Seduction [2nd place category "Sparkling Cocktail"]

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Ruben Silva | Bar am Wasser, Zurich

4 clRebels Botanical Dry
2 clSchwarzenbach Verjus
1 clMonin Fleur de Sureau Syrup
1 clMonin Griotte (sour cherry) syrup
7 clRimuss Bianco Dry

Decoration: Violet violet

Le Petit Prince [3rd place category "Sparkling Cocktail"]

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Tom Barylov | ManaBar, Basel

5 clClassica Fleur d'Heure power juice
1.5 clLime syrup Shake-It
2 clMonin passion fruit pulp
5 clRimuss Champion Moscato

Decoration: Dried lime with chili threads floating on top of the drink

Rosalina [4th place category "Sparkling Cocktail"]

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Antonio Villani | Blue Cocktail Bar, Derendingen

5 clMartini non-alcoholic Vibrante
1 clfresh lemon juice Zamba
5 clRimuss Rosé
3 clThomas Henry Pink Grapefruit

Decoration: grapefruit and blood orange slice

Ride Alps [5th place category "Sparkling Cocktail"]

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Patrik Baur | Velo Bar Baur, Winterthur

4 clRimuss Rosato Dry
2 clRhubarb Morand syrup
3 clVincent Aperitif Haecky
1 clBalsamic Crema Coop

Decoration: 1x large lemon wheel and a cocktail pick for stirring

Rouge Breeze [6th place category "Sparkling Cocktail"]

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Andreas Schmid | Restaurant Bar Solheure, Solothurn

4 clJsotta Senza Rosso
1 clLychee Syrup Monin
1 clfreshly squeezed lemon juice Zamba
4 clLe Tribute olive lemonade
5 clRimuss Bianco Dry

Decoration: none - the drink should speak for itself without distracting decorations

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