Sloe and Steady is the best cocktail in Switzerland

Stylianos Kalemis from Late Bloomers in Zurich beats 23 Barkeeper to win the final of the Swiss Cocktail Open 2023. Switzerland's biggest cocktail competition was held for the third time this year, surrounded by a networking area and table fair with ten companies. Even more reason to attend the exciting finale in Hall 550 in Zurich Oerlikon.

The Swiss Cocktail Open was born during Corona, and now it is already the third edition of the biggest Swiss Cocktail Competition. Yesterday evening the final took place again in the hall ... Read more ...


These 6 cocktail recipes made it to the finals

With these drinks, six Barkeeper have qualified for the second round at the final of the SWISS COCKTAIL OPEN 2023.

At the SWISS COCKTAIL OPEN 2023 on May 8, the best six of the 24 participants qualified for the final round. Here we present the six finalists and their cocktail recipes. ... Read more ...

Cocktails with southern wines
Amplified wines & cocktails

Cocktails with southern wines

Sherry, port, Madeira and Marsala bring character and body to the glass, in addition to a variety of flavors. A look at cocktail recipes from bartenders at home and abroad reveals even more ways to mix with fortified wines.

Even before Manhattan and Martini, port-based flips or cobblers with sherry or Madeira were the in-drinks of the still young United States. Compared to the original cocktail, which in addition to some ... Read more ...

The best non-alcoholic cocktails in Switzerland 2023

Finalist drinks 12th Swiss Nullpromille Trophy

At the finale of the 12th Swiss Nullpromille Trophy in the Matte Distillery in Bern, the best non-alcoholic cocktail was stirred and much more shaken.

These are the recipes of Barkeeper, who presented their non-alcoholic cocktail creations at the finals of the 12th Swiss Nullpromille Trophy on February 13, 2023. Back to the Roots [1st place category ... Read more ...

In search of clues

Whisk(e)y in cocktails

As the cocktail evolved from a local drinking culture across the pond to a global phenomenon, American Whiskey was in the right place at the right time. Is this the reason why it is still so rare to mix with Scotch or Irish whiskey?

No drink comes closer to the original composition of spirits, sugar, bitters and water than the Old Fashioned. When the "Cock-Tail" first appeared in 1806 in a newspaper in the town of Hudson ... Read more...

Swiss Bar Awards 2022

Finalists cocktails

For the 20th anniversary of the Swiss Bar Awards, there were five finalists this year in the category "Barkeeper of the year". They mixed live in front of the audience for the bet.

These are the recipes of the finalists "Barkeeper of the year 2022" who presented their cocktail creations at the Swiss Bar Awards on October 23, 2022. 537 Cuba Christophe Pinto | ... Read more ...

Drinks & Knowledge compact

122 attractive drink recipes in Bar Mixbooklet 2023

The Bar Mixbooklet 2023 has been published. The new edition provides a broad basic knowledge of cocktails. It includes 122 attractive mix recipes of classic drinks as well as trendy and non-alcoholic drinks. The booklet can be ordered now free of charge in the BAR NEWS store.

The new edition of the handy Bar Mixbooklet provides a lot of basic knowledge, for example how to mix drinks with and without alcohol and what to look out for in order to prepare good cocktails... Read more...



Seasonality in the bar. If this is not a topic that occupies numerous Barkeeper . What better than to work with juicy fruits and vegetables that are full of flavor and with which you can put in front of the guests the best that nature has to offer.

The philosophy of working seasonally has long been established in many kitchens. The situation is different for some bartenders and bar owners. It is a fact that in many places the same drinks are served during the ... Read more...

The fruit in focus

Eaux-de-Vie in shaker and mixing glass

Cocktails with fruit brandies are by no means a new discovery, but rather a rediscovery behind the bar. But when it comes to mixing with eau-de-vie, it's not enough to fall back on the old well known formulas.

There is no more elegant way to integrate the flavors of fruit into a cocktail than with eaux-de-vie. But watch out! It is not enough to simply add the base spirit such as whiskey, gin, ... Read more ...


The Top 6 Cocktail Recipes

With these drinks, six Barkeeper have qualified for the second round at the final of the SWISS COCKTAIL OPEN 2022.

If a drink tastes so good that you want to have a second one, you usually want to know more than just the name of the cocktail. With the SWISS COCKTAIL ... Read more ...

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