Sloe and Steady is the best cocktail in Switzerland

Stylianos Kalemis from Late Bloomers in Zurich beats 23 Barkeeper to win the final of the Swiss Cocktail Open 2023. Switzerland's biggest cocktail competition was held for the third time this year, surrounded by a networking area and table fair with ten companies. Even more reason to attend the exciting finale in Hall 550 in Zurich Oerlikon.

The Swiss Cocktail Open was born during Corona, and now it is already the third edition of the biggest Swiss Cocktail Competition. Yesterday evening the final took place again in the hall ... Read more ...


These 6 cocktail recipes made it to the finals

With these drinks, six Barkeeper have qualified for the second round at the final of the SWISS COCKTAIL OPEN 2023.

At the SWISS COCKTAIL OPEN 2023 on May 8, the best six of the 24 participants qualified for the final round. Here we present the six finalists and their cocktail recipes. ... Read more ...

May 8, 2023, Zurich-Oerlikon

These are the finalists of the SWISS COCKTAIL OPEN 2023

The SWISS COCKTAIL OPEN is the largest cocktail competition in Switzerland and takes place this year for the third time. The format motivated also this year Barkeeper from the ... Read more ...

Final on May 8, 2023

3rd SWISS COCKTAIL OPEN - Get your ticket now!

On Monday, May 8, the grand final of the 3rd SWISS COCKTAIL OPEN will take place in Hall 550 in Zurich-Oerlikon. We are happy to host the final again this year ... Read more ...

The best non-alcoholic cocktails in Switzerland 2023

Finalist drinks 12th Swiss Nullpromille Trophy

At the finale of the 12th Swiss Nullpromille Trophy in the Matte Distillery in Bern, the best non-alcoholic cocktail was stirred and much more shaken.

These are the recipes of Barkeeper, who presented their non-alcoholic cocktail creations at the finals of the 12th Swiss Nullpromille Trophy on February 13, 2023. Back to the Roots [1st place category ... Read more ...

Winner Nullpromille Trophy 2023
Final Nullpromille Trophy 2023

The best non-alcoholic cocktails 2023 are chosen

At the finals of the 12th Swiss Nullpromille Trophy at the Matte Distillery in Bern, the best non-alcoholic cocktail was stirred and much more shaken. The winners were Francois Bräuning from Zurich's Lenox Bar and Michael Duc from Thun's Atelier Classic Bar with the fancy and sparkling drinks "Back to the roots" and "Be Mango".

In the midst of the Berner Matte quarter it went yesterday afternoon rather hochprozentig - zero percent! The trade magazine Bar News invited to the final of its already 12th Swiss Nullpromille Trophy. The established competition ... Read more ...

Winners are determined

Grand Marnier Cocktail Competition 2022

The fact that Grand Marnier products are ideally suited for cocktails was demonstrated at the final of the Grand Marnier Cocktail Competition 2022 held in Zurich at the beginning of November. Benjamin Juhasz, Luca Monn and Tabea Manzke won a trip to Grand Marnier in France in spring 2023.

The Grand Marnier Cocktail Competition already met with lively interest in the run-up to the event. With almost 30 recipes submitted, participation in the final was anything but guaranteed. All the more the qualified participants were ... Read more ...

August 22, 2022, Lady Suzette in Zurich

Grand Marnier Experience Day

With premium ingredients and flavorful sophistication, Grand Marnier products are ideal for cocktails. At the Experience Day on August 22, 2022 at Lady Suzette in Zurich, everything revolved around this traditional spirit and a new Cocktail Competition.

Sebastian Reusser, Brand Ambassador for Grand Marnier, introduced selected bar professionals to the history of Grand Marnier and told exciting stories about the production process of this unique product. Bitter oranges are picked for this when ... Read more ...

For the first time in French-speaking Switzerland

Morand cocktail workshop at Crapule Club

With the successful event series, the Valais distillery has been putting distillates made from Williams pears and Luizet apricots into the cocktail shakers of professional bartenders for years. After being held in Lucerne, Bern, Zurich and Basel, the Morand Cocktail Workshop now took place in French-speaking Switzerland for the first time.

Distillerie Morand is famous for its Williamine and its Abricotine. Two AOP noble brandies from the sunny room of Switzerland, the Valais. As a digestif, with or in coffee, one encounters in many places ... Read more ...

The winner of the SWISS COCKTAIL OPEN Valentin Aleksandrowicz (right) visiting Claudio Bernasconi's whisky cellar.
Winner prize redeemed

A day in Claudio Bernasconi's whisky collection

Valentin Aleksandrowicz, winner of the 2nd SWISS COCKTAIL OPEN, was allowed to spend an unforgettable day together with his best friend Guillaume in the private whisky collection of Claudio Bernasconi.

Over 30 degrees Celsius in the shade. Hardly anyone who voluntarily spends time in the sweltering heat. The most pleasant place has probably Valentin Aleksandrowicz just before the longest day ... Read more ...

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