New Vintages of the Provenance Series

Bruichladdich repeatedly asks itself how the influences on the barley during cultivation affect the character of the respective whisky. The answers can be tasted in the new Vintages of the Provenance series.

Barley is the most important raw ingredient of single malt whisky. Bere Barley shows the differences created by the barley varieties, Islay Barley the place where they are grown and Organic ... Read more ...

The winner of the SWISS COCKTAIL OPEN Valentin Aleksandrowicz (right) visiting Claudio Bernasconi's whisky cellar.
Winner prize redeemed

A day in Claudio Bernasconi's whisky collection

Valentin Aleksandrowicz, winner of the 2nd SWISS COCKTAIL OPEN, was allowed to spend an unforgettable day together with his best friend Guillaume in the private whisky collection of Claudio Bernasconi.

Over 30 degrees Celsius in the shade. Hardly anyone who voluntarily spends time in the sweltering heat. The most pleasant place has probably Valentin Aleksandrowicz just before the longest day ... Read more ...

New in Switzerland

Westland Single Malt

For centuries, single malt whisky was considered the domain of Scotland. From now on, the whisky is also available in Switzerland.

For centuries, single malt whisky was the domain of Scotland. But also outside great single malts are produced, which express the character of the respective unique terroir. The Westland Distillery, located in ... Read more...

Not a curse, but a blessing of the Caribbean

Jura Rum Cask Edition

Initially launched exclusively in the UK, this full-bodied and emphatically fruity-creamy single malt is now also available for Swiss fans of the Jura brand.

After maturing for several years in ex-bourbon casks, an extended finishing takes place in hand-picked rum casks from the Caribbean. Already a unique phenomenon in terms of taste, the Jura Rum Cask sets new standards with ... Read more...

In a new design

Wild Turkey 101

With its spicy and full flavour, Wild Turkey 101 is the first choice for bourbon cocktails for many Barkeeper .

The bourbon whiskey from the US distillery Wild Turkey now shines worldwide in a new design. The nobler and narrower bottle features an embossed turkey, which is represented by the name-giving ... Read more ...


Whisky legend Claudio Bernasconi

Claudio Bernasconi is Switzerland's best-known whisky expert. In addition to his whisky shop World of Whisky, he owns the largest whisky bar in the world, Devil's Place in the Waldhaus in St. Moritz, and a unique private collection. His network in the whisky world is unique.

Ruedi Zotter: How did you get into the whisky world? Claudio Bernasconi: I was a hotelier all my life and already at the age of 20 I became the manager of a company with 40 employees. ... Read more ...

The barrel makes the difference

Starward: Fortis, Nova and Left-Field Whisky

Melbourne is home to this up-and-coming whisky distillery founded by David Vitale. It uses local ingredients and focuses on full-bodied flavours and vinous aromas.

All whiskies are matured in Australian wine casks from the region, which is special because whisky is usually stored in freshly charred oak casks or former bourbon casks. For the Starward Fortis, David Vitale uses ... Read more...

Spirits, Craft, Terroir

Fascination Japan

The rich and fascinating culture of Japan leaves no one untouched, especially those who stand behind the bar counter full-time. On the other side of the globe, a bar style has emerged that is based on a different philosophy.

Kneeling on the cushion, the guests wait their turn. The woman who leads through the Japanese tea ceremony has invited us into the room and then handed us utensils to ... Read more ...

News from Ballantine's

7 Bourbon Finish & Shawna X Edition

News from Ballentine's comes not only in the form of the new limited edition bottling, created in collaboration with New York artist Shawna X, but also in the form of the Ballentine's 7 Bourbon Finish.

Ballantine's 7 Bourbon Finish is made from a careful selection of Scotch whiskies matured for at least 7 years in oak casks. This whisky receives its finish in American casks, in which ... Read more...

Welcome to the Candy Shop!

Säntis Malt Snow White No. 9

A sweet-fruity drop whose character and finish will melt away the coldest winter nights.

Once a year, Säntis Malt goes in search of unique casks for the "Edition Snow White". This combines traditional Säntis Malt ageing in beer casks with finishes in barriques ... Read more ...

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