Barkeeper of the year 2022

Sarah Madritsch: "We do it like the bees".

To date, every race in which Sarah Madritsch has started has been crowned with a victory. After winning the 1st Swiss Cocktail Open she is now Barkeeper of the year. She won the title at the 20th SWISS BAR AWARDS. "Bees at work" is her winning cocktail, which of course also contains a message.

Nomen est omen? After eight years, Sarah Madritsch is the winner of the SWISS BAR AWARDS in the category Barkeeper of the year. It is already eight years ago when Madritsch's first name colleague Sarah Leuenberger won at that time in the supreme discipline of this Swiss institution.

"The award is a recognition for the hard work I have done. I am also very proud to be able to hold the award in my hands on behalf of many women in the bar scene. My heart beats for this industry, the industry, and the community," says the Thai-born barista.

Passion for bartending and the bar community

From now on, she wants to continue sharing her passion for bartending and creation with other like-minded people, visiting bars and forging ahead with exchanges with fellow professionals. "The bar community in Zurich is very fine and well connected. Events like the SWISS BAR AWARDS underpin this networking character," says the now best bartender in Switzerland.

In this context, it should be mentioned that not only the drink at the Award Night was decisive, but just as important was the performance at the qualification round in the summer with a written test and presentation in front of a special jury.

She started tinkering with the idea for her cocktail for the competition more than two months ago. In the following month, she fine-tuned the drink and discussed regional and seasonal ingredients with the kitchen at Igniv Zurich. Ultimately, her "Bees at Work" cocktail emerged. She harvested the quinces used and processed into a cordial herself at the Katzenrütihof farm.

"Bees at work" - A busy bee colony

The ambitious barkeeper puts storytelling behind her drink, which also accompanied her to the winner's podium of the 20th SWISS BAR AWARDS. "Bees at work" reflects a comparison of the Barkeeper community with the busy bee colony. "We work similarly to the bees with their queen, drones and workers. They all have different functions, but they have to stick together and pull in the same direction.

We also work in a similar way and only as a whole form a team that sticks together and learns from each other," says Madritsch. She celebrated her success only the day after the glorious anniversary night on October 23. In the Kronenhalle Bar and with the team there under bar manager Christian Heiss. "Well deserved for them," she says in recognition of her colleagues as the Best Bar Team 2022.

A lot of creative freedom at Igniv Zurich

The current deputy bartender to bar manager Philipp Kössl has been working at the Igniv Zurich on the Limmat since February 2022. Before Igniv, she gained her first experience at the Zurich cocktail bar Raygrodski and most recently at the Widder Bar. But it all started back in 2016 at the cocktail bar Tropic City in Bangkok, which is currently ranked 24th in The World's 50 Best Bars.

At Igniv, the rum, rhum and whiskey lover also has the opportunity to live out her creative potential and integrate her own cocktails into the bar menu. "Philipp allows a lot of creative freedom, which my younger employees also participate in, and I like to encourage them. I can even use my tiki cups and want to show that bars also work well in restaurants," mentions Madritsch.

"I am proud to hold the award in my hands on behalf of many women."

Sarah Madritsch, Barkeeper of the year 2022

So far, she has succeeded in every competition. Now, the wine connoisseur has to prepare herself for the exam of her training as a federal wine sommelière next spring. Whether she will then concentrate on a new competition again, she does not know yet. Sarah Madritsch is sure to come up with more liquid specialties at Igniv Zurich, using both regional and seasonal ingredients. You should definitely try that when you visit.

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