20 years of SWISS BAR AWARDS

Sarah Madritsch is Barkeeper of the year 2022

The anniversary event 20 years SWISS BAR AWARDS took place on October 23 in Baden. It is the most important award of the Swiss bar scene, with eight awards presented this year. The highlight of the evening was, in addition to the final of the category Barkeeper of the year, this year especially with five finalists, the presentation of the Lifetime Award and the afterparty.

The eight awards were presented in a festive atmosphere in front of around 300 invited guests at the Trafo event location in Baden. The unforgettable anniversary event was highlighted by numerous highlights and concluded with an after-party.

This year's SWISS BAR AWARDS started in May with the call for entries. In the anniversary year, this even registered a new record number of entries. The first examinations for the categories "Barkeeper of the year" and "Best Barkeeper Talent" were held on August 29. The candidates had to prove their technical and general knowledge and present their skills to a jury of experts in practical work behind the counter.

The five finalists of the category "Barkeeper of the year" competed live at the Award Night and presented their cocktail creation in front of the guests and a top-class jury of experts. In a convincing performance in the preliminary round, Sarah Madritsch had already proven her know-how. In the finals, however, the Thai-born artist went one better and won the palates and hearts of the judges with a personal cocktail creation called "Bees at work". Sarah Madritsch from Igniv, Marktgasse Hotel, wins the award "Barkeeper of the year".

Barkeeper of the year. Sarah Madritsch, Igniv Zurich

In addition to Zurich, other awards go to St. Gallen, Thun, Bern and Fribourg.

For the first time, the title of Best Barkeeper Talent goes to Eastern Switzerland, to the up-and-coming talent Valentin Matter. He works at the Einstein Bar in St. Gallen and beat his competitors with an impressive performance during the qualification on August 29, 2022.

Best Barkeeper Talent Valentin Matter, Einstein Bar, St. Gallen

The prize for the best new opening or reopening went to Galerie Boutique Bar. The award for Best Newcomer Bar 2022 thus goes to Thun. Managing director Gage Plecic opened the bar in May 2021 and managed to set up a convincing concept and top service within a very short time with his team.

The Galerie Boutique Bar from Thun wins the Best Newcomer Bar award. From left: Gage Plecic, Rahel Wenger, Melanie Doyon, Sandra Treuthardt.

The Bellevue Bar at the Bellevue Palace Hotel in Bern has won the Best Longseller Bar award. The venerable house in Switzerland's capital has been serving travelers for hundreds of years and can look back on an eventful history. In the Bellevue Bar, bar manager Natascha Galus takes care of the guests' well-being.

The Best Longseller Bar award went to the Bellevue Bar, Hotel Bellevue Palace, in Bern. From left: Rystian Jajdelski, Natascha Galus, Nicolas Pavaletz, Milan Gulis.

The best bar menu in 2022 goes to the Crapule Club in Fribourg. With its creative details and extremely attractive range of cocktails, it was enough to win the title in the Best Bar Menu category. The bar in French-speaking Switzerland is not least proof that cultivated bar culture is also lived outside the big cities.

The Best Bar Menu Award goes to the Bar Crapule Club in Fribourg. From left: Jean Christophe Jaton, Amadine Chapolard, Italo Hyseni, Victor Topart, Stephane Jaton.

The Widder Bar at the Hotel Widder in Zurich won the Best Hotel Bar 2022 award. Bar manager Wolfgang Mayer and his team offer top-quality service and drinks at the 5-star hotel and received the award at the Award Night.

The Widder Bar from Zurich has won the Best Hotel Bar Award. From left: Wolfgang Mayer, Noemi Marras, Matteo Moscatelli.

The team of the Kronenhalle Bar in Zurich was honored with the Best Bar Team 2022 award. The bar has been in existence for more than four decades, impresses not only with its excellent guest service but also with its team spirit and is known, among other things, for its art paintings.

The Kronenhalle Bar from Zurich wins the Best Bar Team Award. From left: Ariful Hoque, Gabriella Kalbermatten, Christian Heiss, Pascale Schröder.

The Lifetime Award was also presented for the first time in the anniversary year. The former bar manager Bruno Hunkeler made a major contribution to the success and reputation of Swiss bar culture during his almost forty-year professional career. For this great commitment, he has now been honored with the Lifetime Award.

Lifetime Award winner Bruno Hunkeler

Overview Winners SWISS BAR AWARDS 2022

Barkeeper of the year 2022
Sarah Madritsch, Igniv, Marktgasse Hotel, Zurich

Best Barkeeper Talent 2022
Valentin Matter, Einstein Bar, St. Gallen

Best Newcomer Bar 2022
Galerie Boutique Bar, Thun

Best Longseller Bar 2022
Bellevue Bar, Hotel Bellevue Palace, Bern

Best Bar Menu 2022
Club, Fribourg

Best Hotel Bar 2022
Widder Bar, Hotel Widder, Zurich

Best Bar Team 2022
Bar, Zurich

Lifetime Award 2022
Bruno Hunkeler

Most prestigious awards of the Swiss bar scene

Since 2003, the trade magazine BAR NEWS has been presenting the most important awards in the Swiss bar scene: the SWISS BAR AWARDS. This year, talented Barkeeper and trendy bars were honored with the awards for the 20th time. The road to the award begins at the beginning of each year with the call for entries and culminates in the fall, when the awards are presented at the Award Night in a festive setting.

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