The barrel makes the difference

Starward: Fortis, Nova and Left-Field Whisky

Melbourne is home to this up-and-coming whisky distillery founded by David Vitale. It uses local ingredients and focuses on full-bodied flavours and vinous aromas.

All whiskies are matured in Australian wine casks from the region, which is special as whisky is usually stored in freshly charred oak casks or former bourbon casks.

For the Starward Fortis, David Vitale uses wine casks that contained the powerful Australian Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. This cask maturation gives the whisky a powerful body, a rich texture and aromas of blackberry jam, Madagascar vanilla, ripe plums, toasted oak and caramelised figs.

The second in the bunch, Starward Nova Whisky, was matured 100 per cent in Australian wine casks, near Australia's most famous wine region. The delivery of the casks can therefore take place very quickly, which means that the casks can still be filled "wet". This contributes to an optimal absorption of the fruity aromas that the wine brings with it.

The third from the Starward line: Starward Left-Field, is rather atypical or even outside the mainstream, as its name "Left Field" already says. It matures in former red wine barrels made of French oak and tastes of aromas of tropical fruits, red apples and fresh red berries.

Paul Ullrich AG, Münchenstein

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