Gift ideas for the festive season

It will soon be time again and Christmas is just around the corner. BAR NEWS has put together some gift suggestions to make your loved ones happy.

Bar scene Switzerland - innovative, creative, successful

The 192-page book "Barszene Schweiz" provides insights into the innovative and successful Swiss bar scene. In his book, Ruedi Zotter portrays more than 25 personalities who contribute significantly to the success of this scene and shows their work.

Author: Ruedi Zotter | ISBN: 978-3-033-09447-5 | Format: Hardcover (236 × 236 mm) | Number of pages: 192 | Edition: October 2022

Price: CHF 49.50

Appenzeller beer advent box

Give yourself or your loved ones the gift of an exclusive
beer advent calendar. It contains
24 beer specialties from the extensive range of
Brauerei Locher AG. Have fun opening the little doors!

Price: CHF 54.-
Brauerei Locher AG. Appenzell |

Coruba NPU with glass

Discover the elegance of Coruba NPU! This 100% Jamaican rum with its golden color, characterized by oak barrel maturation, combines ten exquisite rums. Enjoy the ultimate in taste with our new gift packaging, perfectly accompanied by a glass.
A true promise of pleasure.

Price: CHF 22.50
Haecky Import AG, Reinach |

Grappa from Piedmont: Dellavalle Affinata in botti da Picolit

This grappa is obtained from the distillation of the best marc from
the vineyards of Monferrato in Piedmont. It is distilled in small pot stills, then matured for ten years in Picolit barrels and then for a further two years in large oak barrels. Picolit is a typical local white wine grape from Friuli that is known and appreciated all over the world. On the nose, this grappa develops very delicate aromas of candied fruit, while orange notes clearly predominate on the palate.

Price: CHF 126.-
Best Taste Trading GmbH, Oberarth |

"Big" gifts

Large bottles are in vogue. Because giving a gift is a pleasure, the best distillates have been filled into these beautiful bottles. You can find many other products in specialist drinks shops or online. Amstutz Manufaktur has once again been named one of the Distilleries of the Year 2023 / 24 at DistiSuisse.

Gin Toni Lucerne Dry Gin, 300 cl
Price: CHF 195.-

Amstutz Äntebüsi Liqueur, 300 cl
Price: CHF 129.-

Amstutz Vieille Prune, 150 cl
Price: CHF 95.-

Schürch Getränke AG, Rothenburg |

Amaro Montenegro

Pure essence - the sensory experience! The herbal liqueur from Bologna has a rich and pleasantly balanced taste. With its bitter-sweet flavor profile, it is not only suitable as a traditional digestif, but is also used in a variety of ways to add depth and dimension to classic cocktails.

Price: CHF 19.95
Haecky Import AG, Reinach |

Golfer's Birdie Water hip flask set

A beautiful game - spicy, sweet notes from decades-old beer casks combine with fruity accents from former sherry casks in this single malt to create a unique taste experience. In a set with a genuine leather flask as a gift idea for friends who sometimes play under par.

Price: CHF 79.-
Brauerei Locher AG, Appenzell |

Matte Glow Gin Kit

The Matte Glüh Gin for cold evenings, now in the Glüh Gin Kit. Includes 5 dl Matte Glüh Gin 20 % and 5 dl naturally cloudy apple juice from Hurni und Sohn AG. Fresh from the Bernese Seeland. The Matte Glüh Gin, mixed 1 to 1 with hot apple juice, makes a delicious alternative to mulled wine. The spiced gin liqueur is based on our Matte Dry Gin, refined with aronia juice, aniseed, cardamom, cloves and cinnamon. The Matte Glüh Gin can be enjoyed hot in a cup with cinnamon and orange or straight on the rocks.

Price: CHF 34.90
Matte Brennerei, Bern |

Single malt collection: Christmas and the year 2024 always under a bright star

New and unique: the Zodiac range from Seven Seals with all 12 zodiac signs from Capricorn to Sagittarius is available as a decorative miniature set (12 × 5 cl). Each of the 12 single malt whiskies is specially finished according to the basic character of the respective zodiac sign and reflects the full range of flavors.

Target price: CHF 89.- (incl. VAT)
Seven Seals Innovation AG, Stans |

BAR NEWS gift subscription

The perfect Christmas gift for employees in the hospitality industry. The leading trade magazine of the Swiss bar scene is published five times a year.

Trial subscription: CHF 39.-
1-year subscription: CHF 75.- | 2-year subscription: CHF 125.-
BAR NEWS GmbH, Stans |

Sake - Elixir of the Japanese Soul

Brewed like beer, tasted like wine. The simpler the basic components - water and rice - the more striking the variety of flavors and sophistication of the end product: sake - elixir of the Japanese soul. In this book you will find everything you need to know about sake.

Author: Yoshiko Ueno-Müller
Retail price: CHF 35.-

Le Tribute with tonics

Experience pure refreshment with Le Tribute Gin! This Spanish gin in a nostalgic bottle delights with its fresh citrus aroma. The perfect harmony is achieved by the accompanying tonic with a delicate rosemary note. The gift boxes contain 1 gin GP and 2 tonics
or 1 gin and 6 tonics - the ideal gifts for connoisseurs.

Le Tribute wooden box filled with gin and 6 tonics
Normal price: CHF 71.90
Special price until December 31, 2023: CHF 65.-

Le Tribute Gin GP and 2 tonics
Retail price: CHF 37.90

Haecky Import AG, Reinach |

Mackmyra Muddus

This single malt whisky is only available in 3,017 bottles worldwide. Mackmyra Muddus has been handcrafted with special love and has an appearance that speaks of luxury and elegance. It is quite simply an exclusive piece of Swedish
whisky history for collectors and gourmets with high standards. Mackmyra Muddus represents Swedish nature - calm and fragrant. Its rich aroma comes from casks that previously held wild raspberry and cloudberry wine.

Retail price: CHF 95.-
Best Taste Trading GmbH, Oberarth |

Gin & Tonic Kit

Discover the variety of Bernese gin with the Matte Gin & Tonic Kit. With this kit, you have Matte's most popular gins and the matching tonics in one box.

Matte Dry Gin 42 % (200 ml)
Matte Sloe Gin 28 % (200 ml)
Classic Dry Tonic Water (200 ml)
Herbal Organic Tonic Water (200 ml)

Retail price: CHF 49.90
Matte Distillery, Bern |

Vecchia Romagna

200 years of craftsmanship and perfection make it Italy's number one brandy. Distilled from the best grapes, Vecchia Romagna Etichetta Nera is an unmistakable brandy. Matured in barriques and small oak barrels with an unmistakable aroma of ripe tropical fruit, mixed with the sweetness of
vanilla and spices such as cloves and cinnamon.

Retail price: CHF 18.90
Haecky Import AG, Reinach |

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