Assistant Bar Manager, Clouds Bar Zurich

10 questions for Lukas Zingerle

Lukas Zingerle entered the bar business at the age of 19. He is now assistant bar manager at Clouds Bar Zurich.

I'm originally from South Tyrol, Italy, where I graduated from the Bruneck regional hotel management school at the age of 19 and went straight into the bar business. I continued my training through various courses and competitions until I took the plunge and moved to Zurich a year and a half ago. As a Barkeeper , you're always at the center of the action. I've always enjoyed entertaining people and making them happy.

The 10 questions

1. who would you like to serve a drink to?
An old friend and one of the best Barkeeper in Slovakia - from whom I initially learned a lot in terms of techniques and expertise - to show him how far I've come with his help.

2. the first thing you do when you start work?
A short briefing about the day with my team, go through the work processes and work schedule and turn up the music system at the end.

3. what do you love about your job?
In general, the contact with the guest and giving free rein to my creativity.

4. what gets on your nerves the most?
When people visit a cocktail bar just to order a glass of water.

5. a world without social media would be...
It would be difficult to impossible, but interesting. Every single cocktail bar would have to prove itself without social media influence in order to get customers.

6. what was your craziest trip?
In seven days from Zurich to the World Class in Hamburg. Straight on to a festival in Croatia, with a stopover in South Tyrol for a football match and then back to work at an event in Basel.

7. the most unusual cocktail you've ever mixed.
A gimlet twist with kaffir infusion, orange & grapefruit, St. Germain liqueur and kaffir oil.

8. the last luxury you allowed yourself.
A month's vacation in the summer before heading back towards the high season in mid-September.

9. qualities to describe you.
Friendliness, ambition, accuracy.

10. the last 100 francs and only 24 hours left...
Buy a few beers and snacks and watch the sunset with my friends.

Lukas' mix tip

Lavender Fields

5 clGrapefruit gin
3 clCranberry Juice Ocean Spray
2,5 clLavender syrup
2,5 clLemon juice
Camomile foam
Preparation: Shake & double strain
Garnish: Dried lavender
Ice: No ice
Bar tools used: Jigger, shaker & strainer
Type of glass: Coupette
Why does this cocktail have this name? It takes you on a journey through a lavender field.

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