Best Non-Alcoholic Cocktails 2021

Finalist Drinks 10th Swiss Nullpromille Trophy

The growing interest in drinks that are non-alcoholic, but nevertheless inspiring, is due on the one hand to the growing demand on the part of customers, and on the other hand to the quality of the drinks served. The fact that non-alcoholic cocktails are getting better and better was proven not least by the finalist drinks of the 10th Swiss Nullpromille Trophy.

Nine of the twelve qualified Barkeeper, who had created the best of the more than 50 recipes submitted, were on the mat on Monday morning, 21 June 2021. A time when very few people think about cocktails and those who prepare them professionally usually look out of the laundry with very small eyes. But there is nothing to stop you from celebrating the start of the new week with a non-alcoholic cocktail.

Lassi D.N.A. [1st place category "Fancy Drink"]

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by Gianluca Ciriello | The Omnia Mountain Lodge, Zermatt

3 clFresh Mango Purée
3 clTahitian Vanilla Syrup (Homemade)
1.5 clLemon juice
1.5 clCoconut Cream
7.5 clSwiss Mountain Spring Soda Water

Decoration: Roasted Iranian pistachio crumbs, cardamom essence (only on the outside of the glass).

Preparation: Cold shake all ingredients except soda water. Strain into a highball glass on ice and top up with soda water.

Blind Texture [2nd place category "Fancy Drink"]

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by Martin Swidzinski | The Dolder Grand, Zurich

4 clSeedlip Grove 42
2 clMartini Aperitivo Vibrante Alcohol-free
3 clfresh lemon juice
1.5 clMacadamia Nut Syrup (Monin)
7.5 clRamseier sweet must

Decoration: Macadamia nut brittle

Hakuna Matata [3rd place category "Fancy Drink"]

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by Nadine Brunner | Cocktailbar zum Türk, Solothurn

2 clSeedlip
3 clOrange Spritz Syrup (Monin)
3 clLime juice
2 clProtein
4 clPink grapefruit juice

Decoration: dried pink grapefruit rondelle, dried lime rondelle

Fizzy Pink Cloud [4th place category "Fancy Drink"]

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by Luca Huber | Bar am Wasser, Zurich

5 pieceRaspberries
7 clAperitif Alternative (Rebels 0.0%)
2 clSpicy Syrup (Monin)
1 clProtein
12 clPink Pepper Tonic Water (Schweppes)

Decoration: Fresh raspberry and pink pepper

Early Bird [5th place category "Fancy Drink"]

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by John Pinzon | Südbar, St. Gallen

6 clSeedlip Grove infused with Earl Grey
3 clRose's Lime Juice
2 clElderflower Syrup (Monin)
10 clMediterranean Lemonade (Swiss Mountain Spring)

Decoration: Bird glass with limes and elderflowers

Partner of the 10th Swiss Nullpromille Trophy

Spring Fizz [1st place category "Sparkling Cocktail"]

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by Manuel Saladin | Schweizerhof Bar, Lucerne

4 clSeedlip Grove 42
3 TBSP.Lemon sorbet
7 leavesBasil (organic)
6 clRimuss Bianco Dry
0.5 clSugar syrup (Monin)

Decoration: basil leaf, lemon zest

Rhabarbara Streisand [2nd place category "Sparkling Cocktail"]

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by Ivan Urech | Atelier Classic Bar, Thun

2 clRhubarb Fruit de Monin Blender
2 clStrawberry Fruit de Monin Blender
4 clLime juice fresh
2 clThomas Henry Spicy Ginger
5 clRimuss Rosato Dry

Decoration: Rhubarb, strawberry, mint, cornflower

Red Rabbit [3rd place category "Sparkling Cocktail"]

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by Korbinian Walker | Barservice by Walker, Basel

3 clSeedlip Grove 42
1 clLyre's Italian Spritz
2 clCranberry Pomegranate Juice (Ocean Spray)
1 clAcerola (Monin)
8 clRimuss Rosato Dry

Deco: Acerola coral, Red Berry fruit leather, fresh pomegranate

Capri Garden [4th place category "Sparkling Cocktail"]

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by Adriano Volpe | Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois, Basel

5 clLyre's Dry London Spirit
2 clLemon Juice
2 clElderflower Syrup (Monin)
50 gfresh basil
5 clRimuss Bianco Dry

Decoration: Fresh basil leaves, raspberry, Gold Powder

Partner Category "Sparkling Cocktail"
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