DistiSuisse Award 2021

The best Swiss spirits 2021/2022 awarded

Every two years, the Swiss distilling industry meets for DistiSuisse, the national award for the best spirits produced in Switzerland. 105 distilleries took up the challenge this year and submitted 568 products.
The 7 gold distillers from left to right: Toni Schürch, Amstutz Manufaktur AG - Jonathan Schönberger, Distillerie Studer - Thomas Heiner, Heiner's Destillerie GmbH - Luis Humbel, Humbel Spezialitätenbrennerei AG - Thomas Lüscher, Distillerie Willisau SA - Daniel Z'Graggen, Z'Graggen Distillerie AG, Urs Hecht, Gunzwiler Destillate AG.

Seven distilleries were honoured as "Distiller of the Year 2021" at the award ceremony on 27 October 2021 at the Hotel Montana in Lucerne. 113 products were awarded gold and 323 silver. A success story continues. Despite corona-related sales losses that the industry had to record, almost the same number of producers took part in the DistiSuisse spirits awards this year.

The industry is becoming increasingly popular. Swiss consumers are increasingly discovering the value of local products and their great variety. Producers know how to respond to the need for regionality and rely on raw materials produced in Switzerland and on quality in production. The creativity on display at this year's award ceremony in Lucerne is particularly pleasing.

The magazine for the 2021/22 award

Order the DistiSuisse magazine with results, background reports and exciting information from this year's awards now free of charge in the BAR NEWS shop. The magazine is available in German and French.

6th Spirits Award

DistiSuisse Magazine 2021/2022

A tasting marathon for the jury

Those who succeed at DistiSuisse are undoubtedly among the best distillers. The DistiSuisse awards take place every second year. Only the most outstanding products are awarded prizes. This is guaranteed by a professional 30-member jury under the direction of Agroscope. In a tasting marathon lasting three days, the jury evaluated the spirits according to appearance, smell, taste and overall impression. In addition, all samples were analysed, which is not the case at any other award.

Gin trend continues

With the high number of participants, the Swiss spirits industry is sending a strong signal. The diversity of the samples submitted is remarkable. In addition to the typically Swiss fruit brandies, almost all Swiss producers today also produce alcoholic beverages of foreign origin such as rum, gin, whisky, vodka and the like. Significantly more products were entered in these categories than in previous years. Gin stands out in particular.

A few years ago, juniper distillate was still a newcomer product. This year, a total of 72 samples have arrived, a record. This makes gin the absolute trend product among Swiss spirits. Last but not least, young Barkeeper(inside) like Sarah Madritsch, barkeeper from the Widder Bar in Zurich, rely on products from the region. Madritsch is the winner of this year's Swiss Cocktail Open, which was launched by the trade magazine BAR NEWS this year.

Special prize for Humbel

For the Swiss distiller of the year with the most gold awards, the Swiss trade magazine BAR NEWS awarded a special prize. With 9 gold medals, Humbel Spezialitätenbrennerei AG in Stetten wins the double-page portrait in BAR NEWS. Congratulations!

Luis Humbel, Humbel Spezialitätenbrennerei AG (left) and Ruedi Zotter, BAR NEWS trade magazine
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