Cocktail Delivery

Ding-Dong: Cocktails!

Thursday, 7 p.m. in the last week of January, the light is on in the "Kreissaal". But there is no delivery at the Brunngasshalde, from here Bernese people are supplied with so-called "Schirmlidrinks".
Driver Nik brings the "Schirmlidrinks" of the Kreissaal directly to the front door.

Maurice Angst, the bar manager in the hospital, is fiddling with his music system. It's not jazz, as is usual in the room, but alternative rock that sounds from the loudspeakers. Besides the music, it is the numerous boxes of pet bottles, cocktail umbrellas, take-away cups for the ice cubes and a recently set-up photo studio for the Instagram channel that sit at the tables instead of the guests.

"In terms of work, a lot of it is the same as usual," says bar manager Maurice. "Putting away orders, mis-en-place, pressing juices, etc.".

Just one week after lockdown no. 1, Kreissaal couriers are cruising through the federal capital. From May onwards, the bar will switch back to regular operation and will have to try out new concepts due to the early closing time and the lack of an outdoor area.

A few cocktails with umbrellas - sometimes all it takes to keep the ceiling from falling on your head within your own four walls.

Then, after a not-so-bad summer, the operators were once again forced to expand their guest area to the entire city at the end of 2020.

With three cocktails, driver Nik is already on his way towards Wabern. When he returns, he pulls out a small chessboard and puts the pieces in position. Waiting is part of the game. Suddenly the phone rings, the second order of the evening.

Just one week after the first lockdown, Maurice Angst and his team decide to bring cocktails to Bern's living rooms.

The regular customer, who orders almost every week, has the daily recommendation explained to her. "We can't replace the [bar] experience like that," says Maurice, and yet the conversation seems so natural, as if the guest were standing on the other side of the bar.

He prepares the drinks à-la-minute, puts them in the box, which rushes towards Weissenbühl a little later on the passenger seat.

A little lightness

She wants to treat herself once in a while, says the customer at the flat door and accepts cocktails, ice cream and Schirmli. On the way back to the circle room, Nik drives past the Asino, the Taube and Department 66. A few months earlier, guests from these bars (as well as from the City Pub and the Departure Bar) visitedBarkeeper the Kreissaal.

The bar feels the solidarity, but also a certain Corona fatigue. But they want to make light of the whole situation. At the same time, it is good advertising, because with the offer one stays in the minds of the regular customers and can also build up new customers for the post-Corona period.

The "Schirmlidrinks" are prepared and bottled à-la-minute.

After a few quieter evenings over the holidays, orders have now picked up again somewhat - even if larger orders have failed to materialise since the latest measures. Financially, it is just a drop in the ocean. But doesn't the saying "Constant dripping wears the stone" also apply?

With cocktails in her luggage, Nik will be ringing some more doorbells this evening. The next day, you'll find the umbrella drinks in the insta-story of the circle room. A few cocktails with umbrellas - sometimes all it takes to keep the ceiling from falling on your head within your own four walls.

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