Berne Matte Vermouth - Classico Rosso

Berne Matte Vermouth - Classico Rosso

Discover the unique taste of this handcrafted yet affordable vermouth from Berner Matte Distillery.

Carefully selected Swiss red wine is refined with a harmonious blend of oranges, vermouth and rhubarb root. Each sip reveals a perfect balance between sweet, fruity and tart notes. Despite the noble ... Read more ...

Campari Negroni Week 2023
Negroni Week

Campari Negroni Week 2023

Campari Negroni Week has been an integral part of the agenda for over 10 years. From September 18 to 24, 2023, numerous events will once again be held around the world under the #NegroniWeek banner, with the proceeds going to charity partner Slow Food.

Since the invention of the cocktail in 1919, Campari has been the red heart of the Negroni, a cocktail that showcases Campari's unique flavor profile and is now one of the most ... Read more...

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10 years Campari Negroni Week

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Campari Negroni Week. With over 100 years of history, the Negroni cocktail is more popular than ever and has been named the most popular cocktail in the world.

The Negroni is a bitter and initially challenging aperitif that signals the change from work to pleasure, stimulates the appetite and awakens a passion for change. Since its invention in ... Read more ...

Thanks to Bitter, a little less bitter....

Apéro Trends Switzerland 2021

The start of the Swiss aperitif season 2021 is later than usual due to Corona. Until that time comes, you have to put off having an aperitif in private or outside in the fresh air, travelling in your mind to the past "new normality" of summer 2020 or even to the "Before Times"...

End of March 2021. After a long, seemingly endless winter, spring has finally arrived. Gone are the days of putting on a pot of mulled wine in the confines ... Read more ...


A boom in slow motion

At the leisurely pace of an evening at the beach bar, the trend towards refined vermouth is spreading through the Swiss bar scene. New drink concepts and brands are providing a boost.

Recently in Zurich's trendy district 5: It's Saturday night, a new bar is opening, the nightlife crowd meets for free drinks and appetisers in the former bistro of the RiffRaff cinema. The pub ... Read more ...

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