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Rupes Amaro from Calabria

Rupes Amaro can be enjoyed at room temperature or frozen, after a fine dinner or in your favourite armchair at home. It is also very suitable for mixing excellent cocktails.

This "Amaro" - or bitter liqueur - is produced according to an old tradition using the cold method: a watery alcoholic solution is infused with high-quality herbs in large steel containers for at least twenty days. Subsequently, the alcohol content is reduced to 28% by volume by adding water and sugar.

Maceration allows the properties of the herbs, including bay leaf, fennel and Calabrian liquorice, to be fully extracted. This gives the distillate freshness, long-lasting flavour, distinct character and simply a pleasant sensation on the palate. This process also allows the extraction of the bitter substances.

The careful selection of herbs has been entrusted to a distillery in Calabria that has been refining the art of processing and blending herbs and roots for almost a century. Rupes is a bitter liqueur for contemplative moments.

Rupes shines in an amber-brown colour and caresses the palate with its unique, distinctive and balanced taste. The Rupes Gold (30 vol.%) is additionally matured for two to three months in French oak barrels. This variant was recently awarded gold at the World Liqueur Awards.

Cuore GmbH, Rüschlikon

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