Bitter orange syrup

Morand syrup spritz

The new syrup of Distillerie Morand with the aroma of bitter oranges belongs to the line "Pure fruit juice" and is ideal for a refreshing spritz.

Simply diluted with carbonated water, Spritz Syrup is a refreshing mocktail. With sparkling wine and sparkling water, it makes a delicious cocktail with low alcohol content.

And just in case, these recipe ideas serve for inspiration.

With alcohol
2.5 cl Syrup Spritz Morand
8 cl Sparkling wine
6 cl Carbonated water.

Without alcohol
cl Syrup Spritz Morand
4 cl Tonic
10 cl Carbonated water


2 cl Syrup Spritz Morand
8 cl Sparkling wine without alcohol
6 cl Carbonated water

Distillerie Louis Morand & Cie SA, Martigny

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