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Monkey 47 Experimentum Series 2y05: Zurich - Monkey 47 & Hay

On 29 November 2021, the time had come: Switzerland entered the Monkey 47 Experimentum Series. After Tokyo, Vienna, Brussels and Amsterdam, Zurich now belongs to the circle of the "Best of Five".

The special thing about it is the exclusivity: Only 500 bottles were produced and these are only available via the official website in a raffle, in direct sales during a 3-day event series in Zurich and in a drop sale at Hidden Lab, Lochmannstrasse 2, 8001 Zurich, on 4 December from 2 pm. Furthermore, drinks with the 2y05 Zurich Experimentum Series can be enjoyed in three selected bars - Bar am Wasser (Zurich), Cinchona Bar at 25H Langstrasse (Zurich) and the Karel Korner Bar (Lucerne) from 4 December. Of course, this is only available while stocks last.

A long history is naturally part of such a special creation. First of all, the peculiarities of Switzerland had to be analysed and many things were tried. This included combinations with cheese and chocolate and many other possible ingredients. But the decision was made in favour of dried hay from the Swiss Alps.

In the dream garden of Thalwil and in a very special and mystical atmosphere, Alexander Stein, the founder of Monkey 47, presented the Monkey 47 & Hay to a select group of guests.

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Lab notes

The specially selected hay used in this special edition is rich in nutrients and the aromas of the Swiss Alps. It is precisely this essence that was captured in the maceration process and subsequent vacuum distillation that produces the hay distillate for Experimentum 2y05. The grass used grows naturally on Swiss Alps alongside native herbs and lots of sweet grass without any pesticides or fertilisers. Traditionally, it is dried in the sun before the bitter herbal components are removed. The hay is then ground and soaked to obtain the extract that flows into the Monkey 47 distillate.

Tasting notes

Monkey 47 Experimentum Series 2y05 is a spicy, full-bodied gin with a slightly earthy, woody note of hay. Side effects can be of being transported back to a childhood of walking across freshly mown fields after a long summer's day, surrounded by the smell of the harvest. This combination makes it a truly unique taste experience - for real connoisseurs who don't mind pushing the boundaries of what is sensually possible.

Pernod Ricard Swiss, Wallisellen

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