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Discover the Appenzell "world of herbs

A popular offer for locals, clubs, groups and tourists for over 40 years now offers even more experience and excitement: the guided tour of Appenzeller Alpenbitter AG. Under the name "Herbal World", the insight into production merges with multimedia effects and interactive elements.
Getting closer to the secret

The guided tour through the production rooms of the traditional Appenzell company is a classic for excursions by clubs, groups and companies - from the region, the whole of Switzerland and also from abroad. For individuals, the family business has been offering factory tours in cooperation with Appenzellerland Tourism for several years.

Every year, around 25 000 visitors take part in a guided tour. Covid-19 has also left its mark here. "As of March 2020, we were no longer allowed to offer guided tours," says Pascal Loepfe-Brügger, the managing director of Appenzeller Alpenbitter AG.

"We didn't let our heads hang down and used the time to redesign this very popular offer. Thanks to smooth cooperation with the professionals from Steiner Sarnen Schweiz AG and with craftsmen from Appenzell, we were able to complete the work within a very short time and open the herb world.

The concept successfully combines knowledge transfer about our 42 herbs and the Appenzell distilling tradition with experience, excitement and entertainment."

Appenzeller Alpenbitter AG, Appenzell

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