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Focus topic Vermouth, Bitters & Aperitifs

  • La Cultura dell'Aperitivo
  • Amaro and Amore!
  • French savoir-vivre in an aperitif glass
  • Apéro Trends Switzerland 2021
  • Classic Cocktails: The Adonis Cocktail

More stories from BAR NEWS 2-2021

Craft Spirits Berlin 2021, gusto21, ethanol from Swiss production

Three former winners report: Benjamin Hetze, David Gandert and Wolfgang Bogner

World of Gin
Interview with Jürgen Deibel: "The success story of gin will continue".

10th Swiss Nullpromille Trophy
The finalists are known

Mental training with Christian Heiss
Take a break...

World of Rum
Surprisingly exotic: Swiss rum

Aargau, Swiss malt

Wine recommendation
Pink future for Prosecco

Beer knowledge
A look into the beer glass: India Pale Ale

Premiere: Swiss Cocktail Open
Who will mix the best cocktail in Switzerland?

Counter tip with Dirk Hany
Squeezed? No Citrus

10 questions for Michael de Silva, Chef de Bar Rossini, Baden

Peter Roth
Award-winning diet drink

News from Vietnam
With Bar Manager Simon Brandmayer

Bartender International
Fabio La Pietra, SubAstor, São Paulo

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BAR NEWS Magazine Issue 2-2021 Print
CHF 10.50 incl. VAT