Bar Mixbooklet


Bar Mixbooklet with drink mix tips and over 122 attractive recipes.


Among other things, Bar Mixbooklet provides a lot of basic knowledge on how to mix drinks with and without alcohol and what to look out for in order to prepare good cocktails. It also contains 122 attractive mix recipes for both classic and trendy drinks. No home bar should be without it. The booklet is revised and published annually.

From the contents:

122 attractive cocktail recipes

The basics
What a cocktail is and isn't, even experts don't always agree on. But despite all the different opinions, there is one common denominator: namely, that it should taste good and give the guest pleasure.

Product information
In order to find your way around the incredibly diverse world of spirits, the first step is to get an overview of the most important categories of spirits. Then - depending on your interests and tastes - you can deepen your knowledge in the respective categories.

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Bar Mixbooklet