These 6 cocktail recipes made it to the finals

With these drinks, six Barkeeper have qualified for the second round at the final of the SWISS COCKTAIL OPEN 2023.

At the SWISS COCKTAIL OPEN 2023 on May 8, the best six of the 24 participants qualified for the final round. Here we present the six finalists and their cocktail recipes.

At the Swiss Cocktail Open, the focus is on the cocktail. The cocktail's appearance, taste, fragrance, aroma, aftertaste, texture and balance will be judged. In the second round, the six finalists are also given the opportunity to explain how their drink was created or to tell the story behind it. This has to happen within one minute. You might think that's too short, but it worked out perfectly in terms of time for each finalist to chat out of the closet and round off the repeated composition of their drink with the story of its creation, the philosophy or the impulse behind it.

SLOE AND STEADY [1st place] - Best Cocktail of Switzerland 2023

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by Stylianos Kalemis | Late Bloomers, Zurich

4 clGin Ginuine
1 clWhiskey Wild Turkey
2 clGolden balm syrup (Home Made)
2 clLemon Juice
2 clAquafaba
Refillwith Sloe Tonic Water, Gents

Deco: Gold balm tea

THE GREEN TALE [2nd place].

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by Randy Schaller | Le Vestibule, Lausanne

3 clMezcal Montelobos
1 clPomme Barrique Landtwing
1 clAncho Reyes Liqueur
3 clLime cordial (Home Made)
2 clAquafaba
5basil leaves (muddle in the shaker)

Deco: Dehydrated apple slice & basil sprig

SANCHO STREET [3rd place]

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by Flurin Kopp | Frigo @ Hive, Zurich

4 clLondon Dry Gin Beefeater
1.5 clVermouth Jsotta Bianco
2.5 clSake Sancho Pepper Cordial (Home Made)
0.5 clSesame Shochu

Deco: Sesame Crackers & Sesame Oil Spray

FLED MEXICAN [4th place]

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by Leonard Baiocco | Igniv, Zurich

3.5 clEspolon Tequila Anejo
2 clRaspberry Confit Morand
2 clSpiced Raspberry Syrup (Home Made)
1 clRaspberry Vinegar
12 clSoda Thomas Henry

Deco: Flavored with Raspberry Confit & Raspberry Leather garnish

FARMER'S BREAK [5th place].

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by Marcel John Bösch | Cocktailbar zum Türk, Solothurn

3 clFine eau-de-vie Williams Fassbind
2 clHay Schnapps - The Original
1 clHoney syrup Monin
2 clLemon juice
3-5 clSpritzer non-alcoholic
1.5 clProtein

Decoration: Fresh caramelized sugar, à part: pear, tree nut and soft cheese

EL GUERRERO [6th place].

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by Rahel Anna Studer | Cocktailbar zum Türk, Solothurn

3 clTequila Altos reposado
2 clTio Pepe Palomino Fino Sherry
3 clVermouth Jsotta rosso
2 clHibiscus, Pomegranate, Lime Cordial (Home Made)
3dash Campari

Decoration: Small bouquet of dried flowers

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