DistiSuisse Gold Box

The best Swiss spirits in a box

DistiSuisse, the national spirits award, launches the "DistiSuisse Goldbox". In a gift box, three gold-awarded 10cl bottles each are combined with a chocolate creation from the Casa Nobile company.
The 6 different boxes are available in a limited edition of 100 pieces.

The six different boxes are available in a limited edition of 100 pieces. The first box is a cherry-gold box. A new themed box follows every three months.

This has never been done before! In a gift box, consumers can secure the three very best Swiss spirits with one purchase. DistiSuisse, the most important national spirits award, makes this possible.

After the announcement of this year's prize winners, the spirits eligible for the Gold Box were procured by the DistiSuisse association and filled into bottles individually labelled by the Univerre company using a digital printing process. The bottles were then packaged together with a chocolate creation by Casa Nobile from Bätterkinden to match the distillates.

The ideal gift

The first gold boxes with the three gold award-winning Kirsch products will be sold in a limited edition of 100 at the beginning of December. Included are the DistiSuisse winners in the Kirsch category: Humbel Spezialitätenbrennerei from Stetten, Bauernhofbrennerei Röllin from Baar and Brennerei Schwaller from Gipf-Oberfrick. After the Kirsch box, boxes with Williams and pear, gin, whisky and plum/plum/mirabelle brandies are to follow.

Those responsible at DistiSuisse are looking forward to the Gold Boxes. Never before have consumers had the opportunity to buy the three best Swiss spirits in a category together. DistiSuisse has thus created an ideal
gift item.

Since the boxes are limited, consumers will also receive the boxes as subscriptions. This means that all six boxes will be sold at a reduced price.

Order Gold Box now

Order: www.distisuisse.ch or www.casa-nobile.ch
Retail price: CHF 89.- per box.
Subscription offer with 6 boxes: CHF 490 incl. VAT excl. shipping

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