Successful Martell Swift Bar Tour with Remy Savage

The Martell Swift Bar Tour was held for the first time in Switzerland: in three venues in Zurich, Lucerne and Geneva. In various workshops, Master Mixologist Remy Savage showed bar professionals how to prepare attractive cocktails with the new Martell Blue Swift, a Cognac VSOP aged in a bourbon barrel.

The Martell Swift Bar Tour started in Zurich at Bar am Wasser. On board was Remy Savage, the new Master Mixologist of Martell and Taweechai Frick, the Brand Ambassador of Pernod Ricard Swiss. At the beginning, the brand Martell and its history were introduced in more detail before it went to the practical work. In the "Art of Blending" workshop, participants were able to create their own cognac by blending various eaux-de-vie of different ages.

At the "Innovation Mixology Workshop" that followed, the participants had the opportunity to learn more about Remy Savage's special techniques. Among other things, distillation and centrifugation were used in the preparation. Remy Savage's class and experience became apparent. The French-Irish Barkeeper has contributed no less than six times to bars being among the top 50 in the world.

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Remy Savage is one of the most renowned Barkeeper of our time. In 2014 he was named "World's Most Creative Bartender," in 2018 "Europe's Best Mixologist," by Drinks International magazine as the second most influential personality in the bar world, and in 2022 "Best International Bartender of the Year."

As Master Mixologist, he supports Martell in thinking about how to modernize the cognac image and how mixology, which has now become part of the culture, can contribute to this. The first day ended with an evening Guest Shift, where Remy Savage prepared signature cocktails from his bar in London as well as Martell creations for the guests of Bar am Wasser .

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