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Win a trip to France with Cointreau!

As a bartender, it's not only important to mix good drinks. It is also important to know the products you are working with. Which ingredients are inside? Who is behind it? Why do I choose this over that product? What can I tell my guests about the products I use?
Win a trip to France: Cointreau Knowledge Competition Quiz

You have proven your mixology skills often enough in many competitions. For this reason, we want you to prove your knowledge of Cointreau in this competition. The 10 participants with the highest score will be invited on a trip to the Cointreau Academy in Angers and Paris.


  • 11.07.2022: Journey to Angers
  • 11.07.2022: Program day 1 Angers
  • 12.07.2022: Program day 2 Angers & Paris
  • 13.07.2022: Journey back from Paris

During the Academy you will learn all about Cointreau first hand from Master Distiller Carole Quinton and take part in a magical dinner and workshop with Alfred Cointreau. And of course, some sightseeing and social and fun activities shall not be missing!

Furthermore, you will be accompanied by a journalist of the BAR NEWS magazine who will write an article about the trip including interviews with the winners of the trip. The article will be issued in the BAR NEWS magazine in September as well as on www.barnews.ch.

Congratulation to the winners

These 10 people did best in the quiz and will soon be traveling to France. Congratulations!

  • Martim Baeta
  • Marcel Bösch
  • Gianluca Ciriello
  • Marco Disabato
  • Luis Estrada
  • Sascha Ganz
  • Denis Lungu
  • Tim Mannweiler
  • Jordi Pamblanco
  • Julien Raussin

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