Barkeeper at Kesslers Club Social

10 questions for Marco Murciano

I was born and grew up in Puglia (Italy) and worked in the hospitality industry from an early age. I completed my training at an Italian hotel management school with top marks, for which my uncle rewarded me with a 4-week Barkeeper course in Thailand.

But then came Covid and the travel bans. I was 19 years old when I first moved to Switzerland with my girlfriend and accepted various jobs. When I finally ... Read more ...

Assistant Bar Manager, Clouds Bar Zurich

10 questions for Lukas Zingerle

Lukas Zingerle entered the bar business at the age of 19. He is now assistant bar manager at Clouds Bar Zurich.

I'm originally from South Tyrol, Italy, where I graduated from the Bruneck regional hotel management school at the age of 19 and went straight into the bar business. I have worked my way through various ... Read more ...

Toàn Phan Thanh
Tender Talk

10 questions for Toàn Phan Thanh

Toàn Phan Thanh is the only Barkeeper in the cocktail and tapas bar "The Hangout". Creating cocktails is what he likes best about his job.

Born in Nyon, in the canton of Vaud, Toàn Phan Thanh trained as a watchmaker at Rolex. He got the idea of becoming Barkeeper from a friend who was training ... Read more ...

julien chouquet
Barkeeper at The Woodward Geneva Hotel, Geneva

10 questions for Julien Chouquet

Raised in Australia and in the Paris suburbs, twelve years ago Julien Chouquet worked as a bank clerk in Pontault Combault, a small town in the Seine et Marne region of France. After a few years, he decided to quit and change jobs.

Julien Chouquet was very attracted to the world of nightlife, cocktails and partying. He wanted to learn how to make cocktails and was lucky enough to be hired by Bacardi Martini ... Read more...

Barkeeper Justin Andrew Ebert
Barchef and co-owner On the Rocks Bar, Wengen

10 Questions for Justin Andrew Ebert

After his training as a hotel manager and various stations in Bern (Department 66), Colorado and Utah, he has been bar manager and co-owner of On the Rocks Bar (formerly Rocks Bar) in Wengen since October 2021.

Born in Heilbronn (DE), Justin Andrew Ebert spent his early years in the Bernese Oberland. At the age of five, he moved back to Germany, where he completed his school career. In order to become ... Read more ...

Bartender, South Bar, St. Gallen

10 questions for Laraina Bösch

The Swiss woman learned a completely different profession. At the age of 19, she completed an apprenticeship as a designer in advertising technology, then worked in the office and continued her education as an interior designer.

Later she realized that she was missing something. So she announced out into the void, heard from a colleague of the bar course on Kos and participated there for four weeks. After subsequent ... Read more ...

Chef de Bar Raygrodski Bar

10 questions for Stelios Kalemis

The then 17-year-old started his first job in a café in the Athens suburb of Peristeri. At the beginning, he primarily worked at the dishwasher, but a short time later he was already working at the coffee machine.

In the years that follow he rides the 3rd coffee wave. After his military service, he starts working at The Clumsies in Athens, which opened in 2014. At the top address - the bar ... Read more ...

Head Bartender, 4 Animals Bar, Zurich

10 Questions for Andrea Linzner

Andrea "just slipped into" the restaurant business. Her parents originally came from a different industry, and only her great-aunt was still active in the restaurant business until she was 91. It was only last year that the great-aunt handed over the business to Andrea's parents - who have now also become restaurateurs.

At the age of 18, the native of Allgäu and trained hotel manager crossed the German-Austrian border and later gained professional experience in Portugal, Switzerland and Norway, among other places. Finally, she was drawn to ... Read more ...

Deputy Bar Manager Tabaco Lounge, Schaffhausen

10 Questions for Ted Haupt

Ted Haupt grew up in Rheinau as the youngest son in a family of four. Irregular working hours are nothing unusual in the Haupt household, as both parents worked in care.

After school, Ted starts an apprenticeship twice - and drops out twice. The repetitive nature of a 9-to-5 job doesn't really suit Ted's go-getting nature. When he finds a job on the internet ... Read more ...

Barkeeper, Soho Switzerland, St. Gallen

10 Questions for Marko Tordinac

Marko Tordinac grew up in the small Croatian town of Sinj, about 40 minutes by car from the coastal city of Split. After a few years of restaurant service, the only professional restaurateur in his family dives into the bar world.

In 2013, he attended the Bartender School in Split and shortly afterwards mixed his first cocktails behind the bars of various bars in Croatia. In 2016, he ventured into the ... Read more ...

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