The herb gin with organic «Knospe-Label»

Matte Herbal Gin

The bernese Matte Brennerei expands its range with a gin holding the organic «Knospe-Label»!

The Matte Herbal Gin carries the strictest organic label in Switzerland, which foods that are characterized by their high climate compatibility. The carefully selected botanicals in Herbal Gin convince with their ... Read more...

Valais fruit and eau-de-vie

Morand Framboise sur Fruit

Valais and the Rhone Valley are fertile alluvial land and the best soil for fruit. This inspired us to launch Williamine Sur Fruit in 2020 and Abricot Sur Fruit in 2021.

These two products were extremely successful and now Morand presents the third creation of the line: Framboise Sur Fruit combines Valais fruit and eau-de-vie. The raspberry provides substance and ... Read more ...

A look into the beer glass

Pilsner and special beer

Disputes about the name of beverages are commonplace in our industry. These then either have a political, nationalistic or trademark connotation. Well, then at least you have something to discuss while drinking beer...

Emmental, that's the cheese with the holes. Pilsner, that's a beer first brewed by German brewmaster Joseph Groll in the Bohemian city of Plzeň (German: Pilsen). But ... Read more ...

Local craft

Swiss barrels

Since malt houses in places like Delémont, Möriken-Wildegg or Cadenazzo have started operations, there is even more Swissness in Swiss whiskey. But the cooperages that make barrels from Swiss wood also contribute to this. However, there are fewer and fewer of these. BAR NEWS visited the largest of the three remaining cooperages in the country.

Tuesday morning in Küssnacht am Rigi. The sun is shining and so you can see the cloud of dust particularly well, which is gradually spreading throughout the workshop from the loud band saw. Here at the ... Read more ...

The fruit in focus

Eaux-de-Vie in shaker and mixing glass

Cocktails with fruit brandies are by no means a new discovery, but rather a rediscovery behind the bar. But when it comes to mixing with eau-de-vie, it's not enough to fall back on the old well known formulas.

There is no more elegant way to integrate the flavors of fruit into a cocktail than with eaux-de-vie. But watch out! It is not enough to simply add the base spirit such as whiskey, gin, ... Read more ...



There are only a few cantons with a comparable sympathy bonus. No wonder, because in Graubünden they even have their own expression for the cozy, relaxed savoir vivre: Patschifig! BAR NEWS on the road in Switzerland's largest canton.

With its 7,100 square kilometers, Graubünden makes up over one sixth of Switzerland. But not its area is the most impressive of this canton, but its height. Already when you leave Zurich in the direction of ... Read more ...

In search of new flavors

Pleasure Tourism Switzerland

From gin workshops to guided tours of distilleries and open days - gourmet tourism has gained in importance in recent years.

Anyone who wants to get involved with the topic of enjoyment in Switzerland has numerous options in a very small area. Many breweries and distilleries are happy to welcome their guests personally. BAR NEWS presents ... Read more ...

New drinking ethanol production plant

The first drinking ethanol from Swiss production

In mid-June, after a four-year planning phase, Switzerland's first potable ethanol production plant was opened at the Aarberg sugar factory. This new facility is, of course, all about Swissness and supports Swiss distillers in their efforts to produce Swiss products from A to Z.

BAR NEWS wanted to know a little more and asked the managing director of Alcosuisse, Florian Krebs. BAR NEWS: CH11 Swiss drinking ethanol from Swiss production - How was the decision-making process, what gave the ... Read more ...

Three new flavours

Les bons Sirops de Morand

The Bons Sirops Morand are very popular in Switzerland.

In order to showcase its diverse flavours even better, the visual appearance was made more dynamic last year: new bottle in exclusive design and striking, cheerful labels made of high-quality ... Read more ...


Züri brännt...

The innovative power of the cocktail metropolis transcends cantonal and national borders. But the spirit of the times is also burning in the region's distilleries.

Like a magnet, Switzerland's largest city attracts thousands and thousands of workers and students every day. In the evenings and at weekends, it's the night owls who come from near and ... Read more ...

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