Unique herbal liqueur from Jägermeister

The taste of 9556 nights

With 9556 Nights of Exploration, Jägermeister presents an herbal liqueur that is more than just a collector's item. The Jägermeister base material, which has been given more than 9556 nights in oak barrels, is used to create a variant that reinterprets the characteristic flavor components of the original.

The taste of this strictly limited herbal liqueur has been a well-kept secret until now. Sharing it with friends makes it even more precious. What makes it unique is that the essence is more ... Read more ...

Mokagino coffee gin liqueur
Coffee gin liqueur

Mat Mokagino

When the finest Robusta coffee from Adrianos Coffee meets spicy Dry Gin from Matte Distillery, it's a true Bernese co-production whose success is Mokagino.

The liquid combination of coffee and gin is refined with additional flavors of orange zest and juniper berries. Only then the fruity, strong liqueur with an intense coffee aroma is created. The coffee gin liqueur Mokagino ... Read more...

Ramazzotti Crema cream liqueur
With cappuccino note

Ramazzotti Crema cream liqueur

Ramazzotti sweetens the cold season with its newest family member, a typical Italian cream liqueur with a fine cappuccino note.

In Italy, as we all know, family is everything. And so it is with Ramazzotti. Now the house of the popular herbal liqueur surprises with a new creation in its product family. In the process, the new sensual cream liqueur brings ... Read more ...

August 22, 2022, Lady Suzette in Zurich

Grand Marnier Experience Day

With premium ingredients and flavorful sophistication, Grand Marnier products are ideal for cocktails. At the Experience Day on August 22, 2022 at Lady Suzette in Zurich, everything revolved around this traditional spirit and a new Cocktail Competition.

Sebastian Reusser, Brand Ambassador for Grand Marnier, introduced selected bar professionals to the history of Grand Marnier and told exciting stories about the production process of this unique product. Bitter oranges are picked for this when ... Read more ...

A timeless three-piece

A visit to Cointreau

"The round has to go into the square". What German coaching legend Sepp Herberger said about soccer also applies to what is probably the most legendary orange liqueur: Cointreau. In mid-July in France, ten Swiss Barkeeper were able to experience firsthand the magic of how Cointreau puts the essence of the circular orange into the iconic square bottle.

It is an icon of global bar culture: the legendary Cointreau bottle with its even more legendary contents. A brand of spirits whose notoriety is due in no small part to the fact that it can be found at several ... Read more...

Perfect harmony

Morand Elderflower Liqueur

The new elderflower liqueur is characterised by the typical elderflower aroma, as well as the fresh notes of peach, lychee and white flowers.

The new elderflower liqueur from Morand is characterised by the intense and complex aroma typical of elderflower, as well as the fresh notes of peach, lychee and white flowers. On the palate ... Read more...

From Tom's

Bitter di Berna

Bitter di Berna is very much in the tradition of Italian aperitif liqueurs.

The bouquet is characterised by tart, aromatic herbs and roots, which are handpicked and infused in alcohol. This infusion is then sweetened, bottled at 21% by volume and stored so that ... Read more ...

New in Switzerland

Rupes Amaro from Calabria

Rupes Amaro can be enjoyed at room temperature or frozen, after a fine dinner or in your favourite armchair at home. It is also very suitable for mixing excellent cocktails.

This "amaro" - or bitter liqueur - is produced according to an old tradition using the cold method: a watery alcoholic solution is infused with high-quality herbs in large steel containers for at least twenty days. ... Read more ...

Top awards for Säntis Malt

World Liqueur Awards 2021

The Appenzeller Säntis Malt Distillery has won another six awards in the international competition.

At the World Liqueur Awards 2021 in mid-April, six Säntis malt liqueurs were awarded prizes. The highest World's Best award went to The Gull - Cold Brew & Whisky Liqueur in the category ... Read more ...

Macardo Tangerine Liqueur

La Guapa

That Macardo is thinking beyond the horizon is confirmed by its latest distillate, the first exotic liqueur from exotic Strohwilen, which will be launched at Easter 2021.

Fresh, sun-ripened organic mandarins from Sicily spread their aroma in smell and taste. The intensely aromatic fruits of the Macardo Mandarin Liqueur are hand-picked when fully ripe. The basis is an extract-rich mandarin spirit. 100 ... Read more ...

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