Berne Matte Vermouth - Classico Rosso

Berne Matte Vermouth - Classico Rosso

Discover the unique taste of this handcrafted yet affordable vermouth from Berner Matte Distillery.

Carefully selected Swiss red wine is refined with a harmonious blend of oranges, vermouth and rhubarb root. Each sip reveals a perfect balance between sweet, fruity and tart notes. Despite the noble ... Read more ...

Barkeeper Justin Andrew Ebert
Barchef and co-owner On the Rocks Bar, Wengen

10 Questions for Justin Andrew Ebert

After his training as a hotel manager and various stations in Bern (Department 66), Colorado and Utah, he has been bar manager and co-owner of On the Rocks Bar (formerly Rocks Bar) in Wengen since October 2021.

Born in Heilbronn (DE), Justin Andrew Ebert spent his early years in the Bernese Oberland. At the age of five, he moved back to Germany, where he completed his school career. In order to become ... Read more ...

Wyt äwäg vom Ufer...

Wanderlust Bar, Bern

At the end of June, Toni Mattis closed the Trybguet Bar after about a decade of inconspicuous but high-level cocktail culture in the lower Old Town. Now, since the end of July, the Fernweh Bar invites you to linger on.

On the outdoor seats you benefit from a direct view of the Zytglogge. Downstairs, in the characteristic vaulted cellar, you can unwind, reminisce, think about where the next trip should go ... Read more ...

Appetiser Hour at the Town Hall Square

City Hall Bar, Bern

Opening a bar was a childhood dream of manager Olivia, which she has now made possible with Julien - a good friend - and her cousin Silvan.

During the so-called appetiser hour, a plate with bread and either hummus, tomato or herb tapenade is served with the drinks in the evening. The offer is limited in size, but in ... Read more ...

25 years Bellevue Bar, Berne

Franco Federico

For 25 years, Franco Federico was the friendly face behind the Bellevue Bar, Bern. He dedicated his entire career to the bar. BAR NEWS met the old-school master a few weeks before his retirement.

April 1996, a sunny spring day. The terrace is open and so the wonderful Alpine panorama with the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau is the backdrop to Franco Federico's first day at work in the ... Read more ...

From Tom's

Bitter di Berna

Bitter di Berna is very much in the tradition of Italian aperitif liqueurs.

The bouquet is characterised by tart, aromatic herbs and roots, which are handpicked and infused in alcohol. This infusion is then sweetened, bottled at 21% by volume and stored so that ... Read more ...

Drinks and food in a central location

BarExcellence, Bern

"BarExcellence" stands for a play on words and a promise: Simon Stettler and his team offer excellent hospitality and an excellent range of products.

The name focuses on the bar, but the restaurant offers much more: the menu features a selection of European and Asian cuisine. A highlight is the wide range of sushi, ... Read more ...

Cocktail Delivery

Ding-Dong: Cocktails!

Thursday, 7 p.m. in the last week of January, the light is on in the "Kreissaal". But there is no delivery at the Brunngasshalde, from here Bernese people are supplied with so-called "Schirmlidrinks".

Maurice Angst, the bar manager in the hospital, is fiddling with his music system. It's not jazz, as is usual in the room, but alternative rock that comes out of the loudspeakers. Besides the music, it is the numerous crates of ... Read more ...

caveau 7 berne
Welcome to Carafe Land

Caveau 7, Bern

Since October, the wine bar at Speichergasse 7 around the initiators Thierry Fuhrer (restaurateur), Nicolas Stämpfli (wine merchant) and Sandro Bürgi (marketing) has been putting you in the mood for wine tasting.

A bouquet of tastings, wine courses and events is on offer. Go on a wine journey with the "Tasting Flights", for example "along the Rhône from Valais to Châteauneuf-du-Pâpe". The wine tasting is accompanied by aperitifs ... Read more ...

Portrait: Best Newcomer Bar 2020

Asino il Bar: The "Donkey" is the best newcomer bar 2020

Shortly after Christmas, on 26 December 2019, Asino il Bar will open in Bern. Simply, quietly and secretly, because the two operators are not in the habit of making a big splash. "With a soft opening for invited guests, they celebrated for two days". The two trained chefs look back.

The people of Bern quickly know about the new bar, because no one passes it by. The architecture alone cries out for attention. This year, the Bernese architecture firm Aebi & Vincent has designed ... Read more ...

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