Outback Lodge, Zurich

"Outback feeling" in the middle of the city

After extensive renovations, the Outback Lodge at Stadelhofen station has reopened.

The cult restaurant has been delighting its guests with a relaxed, cozy atmosphere for over 25 years. As a highlight of the renovation, visitors can now enjoy a mysterious cocktail bar on the new upper floor, "Sly Grog" ... Read more ...

Assistant Bar Manager, Clouds Bar Zurich

10 questions for Lukas Zingerle

Lukas Zingerle entered the bar business at the age of 19. He is now assistant bar manager at Clouds Bar Zurich.

I'm originally from South Tyrol, Italy, where I graduated from the Bruneck regional hotel management school at the age of 19 and went straight into the bar business. I have worked my way through various ... Read more ...

Drinks & Knowledge compact

122 attractive drink recipes at Bar Mixbooklet 2024

The Bar Mixbooklet 2024 has been published. The new edition provides a broad range of basic cocktail knowledge. It includes 122 attractive mix recipes for classic drinks as well as trendy and non-alcoholic drinks. The booklet can now be ordered free of charge from the BAR NEWS store.

The new edition of the handy Bar Mixbooklet provides a lot of basic knowledge, for example how to mix drinks with and without alcohol and what to look out for in order to prepare good cocktails... Read more...

Cor Wine and Pintxos
COR Wine & Pintxos, Zurich

A piece of Spain in the heart of the city

A vibrant blend of wine and vegetable tapas. The inviting space beckons you to embark on a journey of flavors.

Discover the extensive wine list with almost 100 offers, which builds a bridge between well-known wineries and hidden gems. The Pour Decisions Club adds a playful touch and invites ... Read more ...

"Mama loves you all"

MAMA Café Bar, Dübendorf

At the end of 2022 Matthias Back and Mathias Wolrab took over the Café EG. During a few months, a lot of renovation and freshening up was done. Now the restaurant has a new name: MAMA (owner Matthias and Matthias).

"Mama welcomes you with open arms throughout your life and always makes sure you're doing well," is what MAMA also wants to offer its guests. In addition to a visual relaunch, ... Read more ...

N5 the bar
N/5-THE BAR, St. Moritz

The new "place to be" in St. Moritz

At N/5- THE BAR, the art of mixology meets youthful enthusiasm in an unparalleled bar concept.

A great bar is more than just a place to have a drink; it's a place to connect, spark conversation and ignite passions. The Barkeeper create ... Read more ...

101 Best Bars Swiss Barguide 2023/2024
New edition

The 101 best bars in Switzerland in the Swiss Barguide 2023/24

The 101 best bars in Switzerland are represented in the new edition of the Swiss Barguide 2023/24. The handy booklet provides an overview of the Swiss bar landscape and can be ordered now free of charge in the BAR NEWS Shop.

Scene experts, bar professionals and experts from the beverage industry were on the road for the 11th SWISS BARGUIDE throughout Switzerland and have visited and evaluated bars again this year. The new booklet ... Read more ...

Toàn Phan Thanh
Tender Talk

10 questions for Toàn Phan Thanh

Toàn Phan Thanh is the only Barkeeper in the cocktail and tapas bar "The Hangout". Creating cocktails is what he likes best about his job.

Born in Nyon, in the canton of Vaud, Toàn Phan Thanh trained as a watchmaker at Rolex. He got the idea of becoming Barkeeper from a friend who was training ... Read more ...

Caffe Bar Riva
Caffè Bar Riva, Bern

A caffè bar. A lake. In the middle of Bern.

Idyllically located in the middle of the city. Aesthetically and culinary appealing, but simple; internationally inspired, yet locally anchored - this is what Caffè Bar Riva lives for.

One of the values that Caffè Bar Riva follows is the collaboration with local micro-enterprises. Quality, creativity and sustainability characterize their way of thinking and acting. Thus, the coffee is produced in ... Read more ...

Waiana Tiki Bar
Waiana Tiki Bar, Zurich

Polynesian culture in the middle of the old town

Waiana Tiki Bar takes your guests into a world of Polynesian culture. A mixture of exotic atmosphere, delicious drinks and cultural diversity.

The interior design is rich in Hawaiian aesthetics, with ornately carved wooden masks, bamboo furniture, vibrant colors and coconut scent. Exotic cocktails garnished with fresh fruit are on the drink menu, which is also visually a ... Read more ...

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