3 former winners in a short interview

Why you should also apply for the Swiss Bar Awards 2024!

Three of the winners of the Swiss Bar Awards 2023 explain what motivated them to apply and give tips on why it's also worthwhile for you to apply for the 2024 awards!
Happy winners of the Award Night 2023.

Erik Koren
Award Best Bar Team 2023

Erik Koren, bar manager of the Einstein Bar, St. Gallen

What motivated your team to apply for the SWISS BAR AWARDS?
Erik Koren: Besides the recognition of the hard work, it was the motivation that every employee feels part of a great team and is proud to be part of the Einstein Bar.

What was the reaction from your environment and the media after your victory?
Immense! We received a lot of feedback from our colleagues in St. Gallen and our partners in the industry. But we were most pleased with the congratulations and encouragement from our regular guests. We have received some great offers from print media, which could further increase our profile.

What positive influence did the Best Bar Team 2023 award have on everyday life at Einstein Bar and the team spirit?
The team spirit is still strong. Being part of an award-winning team certainly also means that self-esteem and motivation are even greater.

A tip or piece of advice for future applicants:
"The first step to anything great is courage!"

Timo Schulz
Award Best Barkeeper Talent 2023

Timo Schulz, Barkeeper of the Capitol bar, Lucerne

What motivated you to apply for the SWISS BAR AWARDS?
Timo Schulz: Personally, I really enjoy putting my skills to the test, whether for myself or for other people. The SWISS BAR AWARDS also give you the opportunity to come into contact with lots of new people and gain lots of new experiences.

What were the reactions from people around you and the media after your victory?
Many of my colleagues and guests in the bar were very proud of me, congratulated me and wanted to try my drinks from time to time. There were articles about me in various media outlets, which made me very happy.

What positive influence has the Best Barkeeper Talent 2023 award had on your day-to-day work since then?
Many guests and people came into the bar to congratulate me and also wanted a drink from me straight away. Thanks to this award, I have also gained recognition for my work from many people, as I am still relatively young and have been working full-time as a bartender for 1.5 years, which I really appreciate.

A tip or piece of advice for future applicants:
You can learn a lot from this competition and take it with you for your future working life as a bartender. You can gain new experiences and also share your experiences. So you can only win! The right attitude is therefore important, don't put too much pressure on yourself and have fun, that's how you get the best out of yourself.

Niklas Schneider
Award Best Newcomer Bar 2023

Niklas Schneider, co-owner of Paradies, Baden

What was your motivation for applying for the SWISS BAR AWARDS?
Niklas Schneider: As a new location, we naturally wanted to further expand our network and therefore our reach and also see if we were right with our concept.

What were the reactions from your environment and the media after you won the award?
We received great recognition from everywhere. We were particularly pleased with the great media response and were thrilled by the joy our guests showed us.

What positive impact has the Best Newcomer Bar 2023 award had on Paradies since then?
We were able to further expand our network and also attracted new guests as a result of winning the award.

A good tip or piece of advice for future applicants:
Participation in the SWISS BAR AWARDS alone is motivating. And winning a category is particularly rewarding and spurs you on.

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