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20 years of SWISS BAR AWARDS

The SWISS BAR AWARDS will take place again this year. From 1 May, bars and Barkeeper can apply in seven categories and compete for the coveted awards. In 2022, the SWISS BAR AWARDS will be awarded for the 20th time. This great anniversary will be celebrated in a special way at the Award Night on Sunday, 23 October 2022.
This year, the SWISS BAR AWARDS celebrate their 20th anniversary. The big award night will take place on Sunday, 23 October 2022, in Baden.

Every bar is still happy to find a suitable place for an award from the most prestigious award in the Swiss bar scene. But only the best of the best can boast of calling one of the coveted trophies his or her own as proof and recognition of outstanding performance.

Because you always have to earn a SWISS BAR AWARD - and that will be no different on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the SWISS BAR AWARDS.

Seven categories. Numerous highlights.

Ruedi Zotter can tell you a thing or two about how a milestone birthday raises expectations. For the 25th anniversary of BAR NEWS, the editor of the trade magazine and initiator of the SWISS BAR AWARDS gave both the magazine and the awards a complete makeover.

"After two years of pandemic, we are extraordinarily pleased that we can now stir things up with the 'very big bar spoon' for this anniversary."

Ruedi Zotter, Initiator

But for the SWISS BAR AWARDS anniversary, Ruedi Zotter goes one better: "After two years of pandemic, which did not prevent us from holding the SWISS BAR AWARDS, but did make it difficult, we are extraordinarily pleased that we can now use the 'big bar spoon' for this anniversary".

Tender in May

The attentive observer and connoisseur of the Swiss bar scene may already have noticed a first difference. This year, the call for entries will not start in March, but a little later. From May to June 2022, bars and Barkeeper can apply in the following seven categories:

Barkeeper of the year

Born in 1998 and older, working full-time in the bar business. The supreme discipline. The best Barkeeper (m/f) of the year convinces with hospitality, creativity and expertise.

Best Barkeeper Talent

Born 1999 - 2003, working full-time or part-time in the bar business. The award for the greatest young talent on the Swiss bar scene.

Best Newcomer Bar

New or reopening on 1 January 2021 or later. Locations that have recently been reopened or extensively renovated.

Best Longseller Bar

A place to be for over 10 years. Locations with strong charisma that have been anchored in the bar scene for over a decade.

Best Bar Menu

Attractive bar menu in printed or digital form. Bar menu with a contemporary offer that you won't want to put down even after ordering.

Best Hotel Bar

Bar and at the same time the flagship of a hotel. Hotel bar that convinces locals and guests with service, quality, location and hospitality.

Best Bar Team

Bar team consisting of at least three people. Team that is popular with guests, staff and bar professionals thanks to exemplary personnel management.

In addition to the seven previous award categories, a "Lifetime Award" will be presented this year.

Save the Date: Award Night 2022

The SWISS BAR AWARDS Award Night is a special highlight of the Swiss bar scene. In recent years, it has always taken place in mid-September in Zurich Oerlikon. However, for the anniversary event planned on a larger scale, the premises at the familiar location would not have been sufficient. For this reason, the Award Night of the SWISS BAR AWARDS 2022 will take place on the following date:

Trafo Baden, Brown Boveri Platz 1, 5400 Baden

Sunday, 23 October 2022 - from approx. 5.00 p.m.

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