Lime, Ruby Grapefruit and Muscovado Sugar

Innovations from Monin

Monin brings fresh citrus flavours and the sweetness of muscovado sugar from Mauritius into the glass.

The new LeFruit in the flavours lime and ruby grapefruit convince not only with a 50% fruit content and the texture of the fruit. The freshness of both the acidity of the lime and the bittersweet aroma of the grapefruit also stands out. The perfect twist for any summer drink.

To enrich the Craft Sugar selection, Lateltin now offers Muscovado Sugar from Monin. With notes of bitter caramel and gingerbread, it is perfect for use in mixology for Barkeeper and baristas. In addition to Muscovado, the Craft Sugar line also includes cane sugar (like Muscovado, also from Mauritius) and agave sugar (Mexico).

Lateltin AG, Winterthur

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