Dew Gin, Frost Gin & Mist Gin

Gin Trio from Denmark

Three exclusive organic gins from the north, inspired by the seasons and the high seas.

Delicate and dainty, Dew Gin is synonymous with a Danish summer evening in the garden. Besides juniper, this award-winning gin is distilled with violets, elderflower and cucumber.

Frost Gin, as the name suggests, transports you to the cold season, or more precisely to the cold winter mornings. This fresh and crisp gin is distilled with juniper, peppermint and eucalyptus.

The Mist Gin does not take you to a season, but to the high seas. Distilled with juniper, seaweed and salt herb, this gin offers a unique taste experience at 57% alcohol by volume.

Eurodrink AG, Effretikon

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