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Pawel Rodaszynski, El Koktel, Warsaw

I was born in Łódź and grew up in a small town called Chodzież in Poland. I studied journalism and also trained as a radio presenter, but in order to earn my own money alongside my studies, I started as a radio host. Barkeeper to work in clubs.

After several years of wandering around Poland (Piła, Bydgoszcz, Łódź, Wrocław) as well as stays in Spain and Belgium, I finally moved to Warsaw to become more serious as a cocktail maker.Barkeeper and to complete my studies. I didn't think that Barkeeper would be my future, but I was lucky enough (with only a few years of experience) to get a job as a Barkeeper at Pies Czy Suka. The team there introduced me to a professional way of working in the catering industry and I learned a lot from them. At the same time, I was still working at a radio station, but my salary wasn't very good and I felt like I was being taken advantage of. So I decided to quit.

My goal was to run my own restaurant, and after leaving Pies Czy Suka, I opened El Koktel together with a friend, which gave me the final push to decide to pursue a full-time career in the restaurant industry. Today, as a busy cocktail bar owner, I rarely take care of the bar myself. Unfortunately, I'm too busy with Excel spreadsheets and the like. Than Barkeeper and owner, however, I feel very comfortable and fulfilled. I've won a few competitions myself, and my bar has won awards both at home and abroad. The Barkeeper there are ambitious people in my team and I encourage them to participate in competitions to develop in the field of mixology, but also to be more creative in their job. To have such a great team makes me really proud.

Personally, I also have a great interest in the culinary world. I love discovering new flavors – not only in cocktails, but in general (food, beer and coffee). I might even consider opening a second bar.

El Koktel

In 2014, together with my friend Mateusz, whom I already knew from Pies Czy Suka, I decided to rent a small, cheap basement room and open a bar. At that time, there were not many serious cocktail bars in Warsaw. Since we spent all our money on the renovation and the first spirits, we decided to focus on the creative use of simple products and great hospitality. We adapted the idea of "Modern Classic Cocktails" in our own way. After about two years, we moved to a new location, which gave us the opportunity to expand the bar further. At that time, our team consisted of five people. We were all Barkeeper, so everyone was able to mix all the drinks, and we all brought the same level of knowledge.

We change our bar menu twice a year with twelve seasonal cocktails. You have to ring the bell to get in – we're not a hidden bar, but we want to give our guests the full dining experience, and that's why there are seat-only seats. We have sixty seats on two floors. For us, it's all about making our guests happy – that's our main task.

The future

When I think about it, I don't see the future very bright. The entire food service sector is struggling massively due to Covid, and then there were other related issues, such as people leaving the industry. I am very happy that the Polish gin market is booming, so at least part of the sector is thriving. Other independent distilleries are entering the market with vodkas and liqueurs, which is a good development and gives me hope. The problems we have with logistics and the delivery of international products are becoming more and more serious, but this is also an opportunity to discover more of our home market. Personally, I observe that new projects and concepts turn out to be more relaxed and uncomplicated. And what's interesting is that entrepreneurs are now also using digital tools. Maybe there is still light at the end of the tunnel.

"We adapted the idea of 'Modern Classic Cocktails' in our own way."

Pawel Rodaszynski – Personal

Born: 1988

Special Abilities: I'm a great presenter and speaker. In my next life, I could be another Steve Jobs ;-).

Leisure: I love wine, sports (triathlon and OCR competitions), collecting vinyl, and reading non-fiction.

Barkeeper since: 2007

Biggest mistake: Shake vodka and coke.

Most important career step: The creation of El Koktel and the winning of World Class Poland 2016 and Bacardi Legacy.

Favorite cocktail: Aperol Spritz is the only one I really enjoy every day of the year.

Favourite bar: Buck'n'Breck (Berlin) – simply the best minimalist approach you can find in a bar.

Warsaw in three words: Lively, balanced, possibilities.

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