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10 questions for Toàn Phan Thanh

Toàn Phan Thanh is the only Barkeeper in the cocktail and tapas bar "The Hangout". Creating cocktails is what he likes best about his job.

Born in Nyon, in the canton of Vaud, Toàn Phan Thanh trained as a watchmaker at Rolex. He got the idea of becoming Barkeeper from a friend who had trained as one. Barkeeper . Toàn Phan Thanh works in a new restaurant that opened in November 2022. In this cocktail and tapas bar "The Hangout" he is the only Barkeeper. Creating cocktails is what he likes most about his job. Today he lives and works in Vevey.

The 10 questions

1. who would you like to serve a drink to one day and who would you like to have served a drink to?
Jason Statham one of my whisky creations because I like these movies a lot. Elvis Presley one of my rum-based creations because I would have loved to see him live.

2. the first thing you do when you start working?
I take my coffee and my cigarette.

3. what do you love about your job?
Serving the clientele.

4. what gets on your nerves the most?
Making Bloody Marys.

5. A world without social media would be...
...a healthier world.

6. what was your craziest trip?
A road trip through Vietnam for a month.

7. what was the most unusual cocktail you ever mixed?
A cocktail with homemade pesto.

8. what was the last luxury you treated yourself to?
A car.

9. what three characteristics would you use to describe yourself?
Friendly, joking, late riser.

10. what would you do with the last 100 francs and the last 24 hours of your life?
I rent a boat and go with friends to chill in the middle of Lake Geneva.

Toàns Mix Tip

Lady Violet

4 clTequila
2 clBlueberry syrup
2 clViolet liqueur
6 clCranberry Juice Ocean Spray
1,5 clAquafaba

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