Barkeeper at The Woodward Geneva Hotel, Geneva

10 questions for Julien Chouquet

Raised in Australia and in the Paris suburbs, twelve years ago Julien Chouquet worked as a bank clerk in Pontault Combault, a small town in the Seine et Marne region of France. After a few years, he decided to quit and change jobs.

Julien Chouquet was very attracted to the world of nightlife, cocktails and partying. He wanted to learn how to make cocktails and was lucky enough to start his first Barkeeper job at Bacardi Martini. His last job in Paris was Barkeeper for the reopening of the Hôtel de Crillon at Les Ambassadeurs bar (Best Hotel Bar in France 2017 and 2018, Best Hotel Bar in Europe 2017). Julien Chouquet came to Geneva five years ago, where Barkeeper at Hôtel Le Richemond was his first job in Switzerland. He then moved to the Starling Hotel as bar manager and subsequently started as Barkeeper at The Woodward Geneva Hotel in August 2021, where he is now responsible for the hotel's bars.

The 10 questions

1. who would you like to serve a drink to?
Michael Jordan. I would serve him a Clase Azul Tequila on the rocks because he is the most incredible basketball player of all time.  

2. the first thing you do when you start working?
Turn on the music.

3. what do you love about your job?
Customer relations. For me, it's always a challenge to satisfy the guests and give them the wow effect with an alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktail.

4. what gets on your nerves the most?
People who are not respectful.

5. a world without social media would be...
... a better place, there would be more things to discover and the virtual would be less present.

Julien Chouquet creates his cocktail

6. what was your craziest trip?
That was when I went exploring in Australia.

7. what was the most unusual cocktail you ever mixed?
The worst cocktail I made was a shot, half Picon / half Ricard. The rarest thing I've made was a Side Car with Hennessy Richard.

8. what was the last luxury you treated yourself to?
My car.

9. which three characteristics would you use to describe yourself?
Happy, loyal, curious.

10. what would you do with the last 100 francs and the last 24 hours of your life?
I'll buy a train ticket and go to my family in Paris.

Juliens' Mix Tip


5 clGin Morris with Tasmanian pepper
2 clFresh lemon juice
3 clCranberry juice Ocean Spray
0.5 clYuzu juice
2 clHomemade ginger syrup
2,5 clAquafaba
Preparation: Dry Shake and Shake
Garnish: Lemon peel cut
Glass type: Sour Glass

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