Unique herbal liqueur from Jägermeister

The taste of 9556 nights

With 9556 Nights of Exploration, Jägermeister presents an herbal liqueur that is more than just a collector's item. The Jägermeister base material, which has been given more than 9556 nights in oak barrels, is used to create a variant that reinterprets the characteristic flavor components of the original.

The taste of this strictly limited herbal liqueur has been a well-kept secret until now. Sharing it with friends makes it even more precious. What makes it unique is that the essence has been matured in oak barrels for more than 25 years. Only 2,500 bottles were filled from the barrel that Dr. Günther Findel kept in Wolfenbüttel, Jägermeister's home town. Since 1997, Dr. Günther Findel, son-in-law of Jägermeister inventor Curt Mast, has observed the maturing process of the Jägermeister elixir over the course of several months. To this end, he allowed the essence, which consists of 56 natural ingredients, to be stored for longer than usual in one of the more than 400 oak barrels in the barrel cellar at the Jägermeister headquarters in Wolfenbüttel. Today, Dr. Berndt Finke, Vice President Products & Quality at Mast-Jägermeister SE, monitors the maturing process of the so-called base material.

9566 Nights in an oak barrel

Like the original, the herbal liqueur "9556 Nights of Exploration" is made from a secret recipe of 56 natural ingredients, such as herbs, flowers, roots and fruits. They are weighed out and ground by the distillers. The resulting dry mixture is extracted using water and alcohol. The resulting macerates combine to form the so-called base material. It contains the diverse flavor components of the botanical raw materials and forms the concentrated essence of the legendary Jägermeister taste.


At 40% by volume, the strictly limited herbal liqueur has a slightly higher alcohol content than Jägermeister (35% by volume). It is based on the original herbal recipe and is characterized by a mild aroma. Due to the long maturing time of the base material, the spicy herbal notes are complemented by sweet fruit accents. Aromas of caramel and vanilla round off the subtle woody barrel-aged notes. "9556 Nights of Exploration" is best enjoyed in a tumbler at room temperature so that the flavor components can develop optimally. But it is also a special taste experience on ice.

Packaging and design

Each of the 2,500 bottles available worldwide is packaged in a high-quality wooden box to prevent breakage. A special design and packaging were developed for this high-quality product: Unlike the original, Jägermeister deliberately dispenses with a front label for "9556 Nights of Exploration ". The 0.7-liter white glass bottle allows the elegant color nuances of the liquid to shimmer through, while the print on the back is in typical Jägermeister orange. The handwritten serial number makes each bottle truly unique. But the bottle has even more to offer: The inward-facing message about the history of the creation of the limited edition only appears as soon as the liquid inside becomes less. A code in the lid of the bottle also gives owners an individual NFT and thus a virtual image of a painting by Mago Dovjenco, an exceptional talent on the international design scene, who was inspired by the character of the new product for the launch campaign.

The artist and painter Mago Dovjenco from Berlin has been designing for international brands since he was 14 years old. Inspired by the character of "9556 Nights of Exploration", the exceptional international talent has created a large-format oil painting for Jägermeister, bringing his own interpretation of the special variant to the canvas.

Shatterproof packaging in a high-quality wooden box


Only 2,500 hand-numbered copies of the 0.7-liter bottle have been available since November 11, 2023 in the Jägermeister online store and 15 countries, including Germany, the UK, China and Switzerland, and at selected airports worldwide. The price for the unique bottles is 560 euros each.

In Switzerland, a limited number of copies are available exclusively at drinkdirekt.ch.

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General importer of Jägermeister for Switzerland

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