Alata and Distillerie Morand

A new chapter in the success story

After jointly developing the Valais gin, the start-up Alata and the Morand distillery have decided to work more closely together. The tradition-rich distillery is now taking over the production and distribution of two other Alata products: Rosa Vermouth and Apéritivo.
Distillerie Louis Morand takes over production and distribution.

An active collaboration is envisaged with Alata, especially in the field of communication. Alata was founded in 2017 by winemaker Hugo Pozzo di Borgo and graphic designer Karim Merzoug.

After launching their white and red vermouths, the two have continuously expanded the Alata range. The company's owners have no shortage of ideas and will continue to surprise with innovative creations that Distillerie Morand will include in its range.

Distillerie Louis Morand & Cie SA, Martigny

Alata Sàrl, Monthey

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