DistiSuisse 2023/24

The best Swiss distilleries

On October 13, 2023, the Swiss distilling industry gathered at the Markthalle in Basel for the biennial DistiSuisse, the national award for the best Swiss spirits.
The best distilleries in Switzerland. Award at the DistiSuisse 2023/2024

This year's event broke all records with an impressive turnout of 135 distilleries submitting 790 products for judging. This represents almost 30 percent more entries than at the previous award two years ago.

The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the honoring of nine outstanding distilleries as "Distillery of the Year 2023". This recognition honors their exceptional contributions to the Swiss spirits landscape. In addition, 167 products were awarded the coveted gold medal, underscoring the high quality and craftsmanship found in the Swiss distilling industry.

The best Swiss distilleries

  • S. Fassbind AG, Oberarth (11 x gold)
  • Specialty distillery Humbel AG, Stetten (10 x gold)
  • Destillaria Daguot GmbH, Illanz ( 9 x Gold)
  • Distillerie Studer & Co AG, Escholzmatt (8 x gold)
  • Z'graggen Distillerie AG, Lauerz (7 x gold)
  • Diwisa AG, Willisau (6 x gold)
  • Etter Söhne AG, Zug (6 x gold)
  • Heiner's Destillate GmbH, Zug (6 x gold)
  • Amstutz Manufaktur AG, Rothenburg (5 x gold)

7th National Spirits Award

Brochure DistiSuisse

Tradition meets innovation

Max Kopp, president of the DistiSuisse association, was very pleased with the increased participation and emphasized the growing popularity of Swiss spirits. "The high level of participation proves that Swiss spirits are gaining in popularity. Behind this upswing are traditional distilleries as well as numerous newcomers with qualitative and innovative distillates."

Jury under new management

The long-standing collaboration with Agroscope, the center of excellence for agricultural research in Switzerland, is a key success factor for DistiSuisse. This year, Jonas Inderbitzin took over as the new head of the jury, and his commitment to the rigorous assessment of the products submitted made a significant contribution to quality assurance.

The growing participation covered almost all 19 categories of spirits and reflected the high diversity of Swiss spirits culture. From traditional distillates to innovative creations, DistiSuisse 2023 showcased the impressive range of flavors and quality standards found in the Swiss distilling industry.

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