18 October 2021, Silo Bar, Kemptthal

Morand Cocktail Workshop on Tour

After successful runs in Zurich, Lucerne, Bern and Basel, the Morand Cocktail Workshop was held this autumn in Kemptthal, near Winterthur, after a corona-related break last year. 10 bar professionals from all over Switzerland were there when it came to putting creativity into the shakers.

On Monday 18 October, the participants met at the Silo Bar, an extremely attractive location in the former Maggi area, where the famous Maggi seasoning was once produced and soups were cooked. On this Monday, however, the focus was on the Morand Cocktail Workshop. The invitation was extended by the leading Swiss trade magazine BAR NEWS on behalf of Distillerie Louis Morand & Cie SA, Martigny.

An Abricotine Tonic for the aperitif, followed by knowledge transfer by Domenico Di Cola (Brand Ambassador Louis Morand & Cie SA, Martigny). The participants learned that no less than 8 kg of Williams pears from the Valais are used in a 70 cl bottle of Williamine®, that no sugar is added and that the name Williamine® is protected. Many new products from Morand were also presented.

Strengthened by a delicious lunch on the large roof terrace, the workshop got underway. Of course, Williamine® and Abricotine were the focus of activities at this Morand cocktail workshop as well. The task was simple. The five teams of two had to create two different drinks within 90 minutes, give them an attractive name and present them to a jury of three.

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The other conditions were: The drinks had to contain at least 2 cl Williamine® or at least 2 cl Abricotine as a base. Other spirits from the Morand range, as well as the newly designed Morand syrup range, were available for the cocktails to be developed. Certainly an exciting and challenging task. Furthermore, the drink could consist of a maximum of 5 ingredients and the maximum alcohol content could not exceed 6 cl. The participants were free to choose the remaining ingredients. A large buffet of fruits, spices, fruit juices and soft drinks were available.

The bar professionals got down to business with great commitment and enthusiasm. They tasted and tried out, looked for special combinations and finally presented ten extremely attractive drinks to the jury. It was not a question of winning or losing. All the teams won, not only with their creations, but also in the exchange of experiences with their professional colleagues on site.

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All participants received a nice gift at the end to continue experimenting with high-quality Morand products. The winning team, Xanthoulis George & Anton Miruna (Antons Bar & Restaurant, Lucerne), also received a hotel voucher worth CHF 1,000. A successful event where new attractive drinks with Williamine® and Abricotine were created with a lot of knowledge, experience and creativity.

The next Morand Cocktail Workshop will make its first stop in French-speaking Switzerland. BAR NEWS will keep you up to date!

William Shakes Pear

Best Cocktail Recipe with Williamine®

Team Tobias Wälte & Hunor Deak, St. Gallen
5 clWilliamine® (Morand)
2,5 clMorand Nut Syrup
3 clFreshly squeezed lemon juice
Topped withMousse de Williamine® (Morand)

Decoration: Lemon zest, thyme

Mathilde's Elixir

Best Cocktail Recipe with Abricotine

Team Xanthoulis George & Anton Miruna Anton's Restaurant and Bar, Lucerne
6 clAbricotine (Morand)
1,7 clMorand Amaretto Syrup
0,7 clMorand Grenadine Syrup
2 clFreshly squeezed lime juice

Decoration: red currants, grapefruit zest

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